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Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by jomjom, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I got lag spikes every 10-15secs. Is there anything I can do like tweaking the configurations on my modem or its up to the PLDT tech to fix it. Its been my problem since Jan 2017 up to this date. I called 172 many times and they said its "fixed now" but no changes happened at all. Its really frustrating playing online games with this lag spikes. Check out my screenshots.

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    That trace is going to Japan and back. So the delay will be in any number of places in the networks between, and most likely not in PLDT.

    Try pinging something closer to home, within PLDT. That will tell you straight up if you have local issues with your equipment and connection and the local path between you and PLDT central.

    Some PLDT ip's;

  3. pa help po ako my computer shop po ako with 12 units and ang problem ko po madalas po mag lag at mag dc ang mga player ko.. my net limer na din po ako and i have pldt dsl with 16mpbs please help me.. :'(

  4. Hi there,

    PLDT went to our house to fix it but they said the problem isn't within our line but on PLDT itself. Been almost a month since then and i still have lag spikes. Check out my screenshot of the IP addresses you gave me. It seems they do not know either what to do with these lag spikes.

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  5. rossh/all who are knowledgeable in networking, i have the same problem with the threadstarter. i tried pinging the IPs you mentioned and the two are responding within 30ms of ping but whenever I ping I get 4 digit pings and even a lot of request time out.

    I have already reported this to PLDT (just the ping at and not yet the .30, and .246 IPs) what could be the problem? I was made to believe that the copper wires installed are faulty and I even blamed the PLDT box found on the posts to be the culprit because the box is wide opened, diba dapat close iyon? May kinalaman ba iyong box being opened and not close? Parang naka balandra lang iyong mga wires doon sa box.

  6. @jomjom, it's almost July already is your connection already fixed? and how were they able to fixed it?

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