PLDT Home Fibr default password login details ONU Fiber Modem

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    PLDT Home Fiber ONU Default login details


    Username: adminpldt
    Password: 1234567890


    Software Version RP2521(SP012)
    Hardware Version WKE2.134.285F2G
    Device Model AN5506-04-F
    Device Description GPON


    onced logged in, it will show the ff

    hope that helps
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  2. Guys, question lang... I was able to access this admin site before but now not anymore pero napiping ko naman and nakakapag-internet.
    Anyone encountered and figured how to fix this?

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  3. Me too. Used to access it but now that I upgraded to the 50mbps speed I can't access it anymore. Any help on this guys?

  4. Same problem

  5. try turning off the modem and after 15-30 sec turn it on again....
    hopefully this helps.

  6. It took me so long to do this simply to change my WiFi password, the procedure I had to use to eventually login to the modem was as follows:
    Switch off modem, disconnect fibre cable and then switch on without reconnecting fibre cable.
    then clear all network settings by running cmd as administrator, then enter “netsh winsock reset” and wait for it to complete, then restart your computer. Connect RJ45 cable to socket 4 on router

    then on ur browser type into the address bar.
    Why have PLDT made it so difficult to access to modem configuration page?

  7. yes sure u can configure it again ......... the best step is turn off your modem and unplag the cable of the pldt wire the color yellow or blue depends on wat the tech use in your modem. and only connect 1 lan cable in your modem direct to 1 pc u used or a loptop. remember turn it on and dont plug the internet cable behind the modem ok the colored wire pr the PON cable wire .
    1st turn off modem and unplug the colored PON cable wire behind the modem and only used 1 lan cable connected in your pc to the modem.
    2nd turn on modem and pc.. once modem is turned on andyour pc. open google chrome or firefox . remember u must have no internet connection in your pc coz we unplug the PON cable behind the modem
    3rd open google chrome or firefox or internet explorer > type
    pldt log in homepage must open afte u hit enter
    4th in login home page PLDT type the username and password

    Username: adminpldt
    Password: 1234567890
    remember if u change or edit the past modem configuration of username and password before then type the last username and password u change before.

    other way
    username : adminpldt

    password : 12345

    thats it then it must open the pldt home fiber configuration page of ur modem now u can change the wifi password and etc... after u finish configuration on it . hit save and reboot after reboot ... turn off modem and plug the PON internet cable colored wire behinfd the modem and ur good to go... and wahhhhllaaaaa u've just finished ur modem configuration and start suring again/...... bye bye ..... need help ... text or call me .. im mark keanne . 09275665943. byeee

  8. What do I do if I changed my password, but completely forgot what it was? I found no option for retrieving it.

  9. hi,,im dert can I ask a few questions?
    if I restart your router in your phone.?how can I log in back..beacuse when I restarting my pldthome fibr I cannot log in back again...please help me thanks

  10. HI is any body here can help us how to get the admin pldt password?
    so that we can have an access to fort forwarding .... i called PLDT TECH SUPPORT MANY TIMES
    but the wifi username and pw is they can provide.


  12. Apparently PLDT no longer wants you to customize your router settings so they seem to have altered the adminpldt password! Does anyone know what it is?

  13. These password options no longer apply. Has anyone been able to find out the new password for adminpldt?

  14. I stand corrected. Following @keannemark's suggestion above, I was able to get to the login page of my modem. I realized that the model I have has a different user name and password. For the model Fiberhome AN5506-04-FA (I didn't include the last two letters in my search for the appropriate password), the username is admin and the password is 1234.

  15. yes user: admin , password: 1234, works on mine, thank you anyways barguin you help me

  16. Bagong kabit lang po ung samin ung model ng modem is an5506-04-fa naoopen ko sya sa username na admin and password is 1234. pero limit lang ung access ko, wala ung application nya hindi ko ma customize ung router.. paheld guys......... ung Username: adminpldt Password: 1234567890 ayaw gumana.. ano pong bagong user at password para ma access ko ung efault Admin with Root Access or Full Access Rights? thanks in advance guys

  17. Hi there,

    I had PLDT HomFibr installers come back to my House on Saturday last week (after doing a Survey to determine Fiber-Optic Cable Routing).

    I have gone from a PLDT HOME ADSL 2Mb/s via 3.3Km of telephone wiring, to a 20Mbps HomeFibr GPON Optical connection of 20Mb/s
    10 x Faster for just Php600 per month extra (and still have same Phone # but delivered via VOIP so better quality also).

    PLDT HomeFiber Router AN5506-04-FA GPON

    Code: MN000002808
    Version : A
    IP Address (Config) :
    Default Username: admin
    Default password: 1234

    It seems once you have logged in, you are requested to change the Default Password.

    Once you have done that, and logged in with your NEW Password, there is access to more screens.

    For example, you can supposedly activate LAN Ports and add extra SSID to the WiFi

    But my wife said she had trouble getting the new SSID to connect to the Internet but allowed her to login?

    I tried activating Port 3 and Port 4, and it does seem to have enabled those Ports.


    Device Management - User Access
    LAN DHCP Clients
    LAN Status
    Network Wlan-Advanced
    Network Wlan-Basic
    Network Wlan-WPS
    Optical Info
    Security - Firewall Control
    Security - Parental Control
    Status. Device lnfo
    VOIP Status
    Wan Status
    WiFi Clients
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    bridging lan ports no longer works
    just add another gigabit switch behind your modem/router

  19. I also got this from PLDT support: can anyone else confirm that bridging is not allowed anymore? Can you request it again by going to PLDT support? I find the PLDT device too limited that’s why I bridged it to a different router

  20. Just got the new PON ONU Unit this month and guess what.. bridging LAN Ports no longer works.. too many limitations.

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