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Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by crespo, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hello, newbie here. Hoping someone can help me with my problem.

    I recently bought an Encore Wireless IP Camera (ENVCWI-G1) from cdr-king. My plan was to install it at our shop and hopefully be able to view it from home using the internet. Both locations are connected using pldt dsl.

    Tried testing the camera. It works fine when you view the camera using a web browser that is located at the same network as the camera. Problem occurs when i try viewing it outside the network (ie. someone else's internet connection). Browser just gives a "connection interrupted' message.

    Also, I know that our pldt dsl accounts (Plan Xperience and Biz Explorer accounts) both uses dynamic IP addresses. So I tried using to host the camera. But the problem still persists.

    Hope someone can help.
  2. aki_21

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    hi, have you tried to use port forwarding? like... if your camera is registered as (example) then set it ports to 9999 or anything that doesnt conflict, then on your router's NAT, when 53.xx.xx.xx tries to access this port 9999, the router will route that connection form WAN to the Designation IP address to the network in the port you gave.

    eg.. WAN access will redirect you to
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    do you asked your ISP or DSL biz provider?

  4. I'm not entirely certain about this but you might need to have a Static IP for you to be able to view outside of a LAN connection.
  5. aki_21

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    well problem about static is that you have to buy that IP address so that only you can have it.. and its prone to hackers.. so mind as well use dynamic IP..

    some services like and DynDNS (which currently our modem/router supports it) has this function to address your dynamic into URL. so even you frequently change your ip (ISP side) you still can access your site or your workspace IP.

    My modem (Encore ADSL2 WIG, which its not from PLDT) supports Dyndns so i can launch my own webpage site or access my uTorrents remotely.. and even VNC w/o any problems.. you only have to specify ports so that it still remain secure.
  6. dyoddyowel

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    static ip address is nice, but if you have a dynamic ip, all you need is any dynamic dns service and forward any necessary port...

  7. Thanks to all those that helped.
    Called cdrking technical support to help me out and finally its working.

    important thing is to edit the demilitarized zone (dmz) settings on the wireless router where the camera will be getting its wifi from.
    IP address to put in the dmz is the ip address of the camera on the network.

    then use account to allow for changes in your ip address to be updated.

    thanks again.
  8. tong2x_

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    mukhang port forwading isssue

  9. Sirs I hope you dont mind me butting in your thread (and reviving this old thread)...I have a problem in Ip cam setup din kase pero IM using Smartbro ...but since walang board for Smartbro, dito nalang sa PLDT DSL...hope you dont mind po.

    I bought a CDRking IP camera but I failed in setting it up.

    Buti nalang pwede sauli sa CDRking yung item at ni-refund. Sayang din yun P2,900 ko Smiley

    Anyway, the technician told me hindi daw pwede ang IP camera sa Smartbro na ISP......dapat daw yung wired, yung may cable na DSL like that true?

    Now balak ko bumili ng ibang IP camera, yung hindi na CDRking...kaya lang baka ganun din katulad nung problema ko sa CDRking? Sabi kase sa akin ng technician, di daw pwede ang IP camera, kahit anong klase kahit branded pa, sa SMARTBRO na gumagamit ng antenna.....pwede lang daw sa mga ISP na gumagamit ng cables...DSL

    Bale ang setup ko kase is Smartbro using Motorola canopy attached to a Linksys WiFi WiFi router na yan ko sana ikakabit yung IP camera

    Kase daw yung antenna ng Smartbro acts as the router yung Linksys router ko (na pagkakabitan ko sana ng IP camera) is like a router within a router na.

    Tama po ba sya?

    Di kase ako techy masyado pagdating sa Networking kaya agree nalang ako ng agree Smiley

    What do you think is my other option for me to setup an IP camera at home using Smartbro?

  10. tong2x_

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    True, SmartBro gives private IP address, your basically under its LAN.
    not sure about tattoo though but maybe the same.

    if your IP cam support uploading images, then you can upload images to outside servers instead.

    most DSL service, cable or biz service(wire, wireless) offers public ip address.

  11. Ok so that means my only option is to change my ISP to something DSL like PLDT DSL?

  12. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member


    some other DSL also offers public IP address
  13. josekym

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    Check mo muna kung private IP nga ang bigay sa iyo ng SmartBro. Assuming the SmartBro is directly connected to your PC:

    1) go to the command prompt and do an IPCONFIG /ALL command and note your IP address indicated. If the address does not look like or, then

    2) next step is to go to and compare the IP address you've noted with that displayed on the page.

    If the result in #2 is you have the same address, then most probably you can make the IP camera work using DynDNS and port forwarding (if using a router).

  14. Pabuhay lang po ito mga lodi... May makakatulong po kaya kung pano iset up and Smart Wifi IP cam ko. Pano po ang port forwarding na ito? Thanks

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