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Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by dslmaster, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. dslmaster

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    Speed/Bandwidth test of your internet connection to a PLDT DSL Network

    To get the accurate result, please refrain from doing any other internet activity while doing the test.

    Internet Explorer: you must hold down CTRL + REFRESH
    Firefox: you must hold down SHIFT + REFRESH

    so which of the test is faster? 8)

  2. wonderfully slow!!! did not decide to continue with the test... am using ETPI here in the office...

  3. Is there a way to validate this PLDT DSL Test? It is showing 23Mpbs speed.

  4. Is this for real?
  5. mark_speedman

    mark_speedman Member

    baket kaya kelangan ipost pati ip address :)) o sya pati mac address nyo ilagay nyo na din better yet ipost nyo na lang ang lahat ng importanteng bagay.....

  6. Test

    im only on 256 kbps :)
  7. mark_speedman

    mark_speedman Member

    uyyyy may ayaw magpakita ng ip add :p hehehehe..... naks naman sa mga test ang tataas..... grabe hindi ko pa naattain yang ganyan kataas na score..... wala bang may extra pl number dyan wahahahaha juzz kiddin

  8. hehe... baka matrace ng pldt :)
  9. mark_speedman

    mark_speedman Member

    =)) amp dslayer ako one time ngayon naman dslamer =)) ano ba meaning nun? hehehehe natatrace ng taga pldt ang alin? yung friend ko quick@pldt nagamit daw and i mean "DAW" nya ang account na yun ng hindi sya naddc kaya kaya ng taga pldt na madetect yun? eh may nagsabi dito na may nakakagamit nga "DAW" ng ibang pl number..... kaya kaya nila?
  10. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    Wow viper! :)
  11. raldz

    raldz Member

    PLDT DSL Speed Test on Linux SUSE 10.0

    Using my SUSE 10.0 machine, here is the result of my speed test from PLDT and Greendot speed test... which is true? The test was done with only 30 seconds apart.
  12. aftermath

    aftermath Member

    Pano kayo nakakakuha ng ganyang speed sa 256kbps?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i tested mine and it came out 2mbps! i cant believe it with my own eyes! haha! thats with pldt test so i tried it out with another speed testing site... came out 2.25 Mbps to be exact! whoa!!!! talk about speed!!! i just turned my zonealarm firewall off and kaboom! :shock:

    oh well this might be another of those intermittent speed issues with PLDT DSL... :cry: :roll:

  14. hello :p

    eto po s akin, hi s mga unixer's -_-

  15. Is there anyone knows how to configure the DB120 ADSL modem provided by PLDT? So that i can use the 4 port ethernet port.
  16. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    ok lang yan dynamic naman karamihan sa PLDT users.

    at hindi porke nakuha na ang IP ay mahahack na.
  17. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    yeah... IP address lang yan...

  18. Hi, Im new to this forum (because of my frustration with my Plan 999 subscription)

    Why the big discrepancy on the reports?

    My connection is erratic. Can't tell when it is still connected. It will just drop. Reported to PLDT a hundred of times. When they checked physically, it's fine. When I run the speedtest I got amusing results.




    How fast is my subscription ba?


  19. This is from PLDT's Bandwidth Test:

    From SpeedTest.Net:

    Something's gotta be wrong 'cause I only subscribed for a 2mbps connection.
  20. proxies

    proxies Member

    kaingit nman po ung bandwidth nio dekaMaster hehehe

    here is mine


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