PLDT adds network flow controls and limits

Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by rossh, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. rossh

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    September 2015.

    I have a 10 Mbps DSL, and for the 3 years, its been uncontrolled and no throttling.

    In recent weeks PLDT has been testing and adding network flow management to the connection. For a time they had a mistake that limited me to 2 Mbps. They partially removed that when I called.

    At the moment, they throttle any single 10Mbps connection down to 2Mbps after 17 seconds.

    If instead there is several concurrent connections, these too get cut back to 2Mbps a piece.


    So there you have it - you can have what you paid for, 17 seconds only, and then you get 20% of what you paid for.

    Thanks PLDT.... This is called estafa.
  2. rossh

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    This goes on and on. Two weeks now. Hard capped at 2Mbps. Ring them almost everyday. Get told a load of lies.

    Sometime I can see they are working on the system as ping times change in the test path. But for 12 days of 14, my max speed is fixed at 2Mbps....

    Not good enough PLDT...

  3. Update Oct 5 2015..
    limited to 2Mbps.

    2nd time experience this and i'm gonna report it now.
    crap crap!!
  4. lordmight

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    You can file a complaint to NTC sir. Pero let's hope that they will do something about it.
  5. rossh

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    After 2 1/2 weeks, it came good. OK so I could see through some of the probing in and out of the net, they were doing network changes, and perhaps experimenting with more restrictive controls. In the end, we went back to normal levels (max 3.5 Mbps per TCP socket, 10 Mbps total).

    Of course I documented all this... more than 1/2 billing period at 20%. It fails all the 85% guarantees. I take all this to the PLDT shop and make a claim. For 3 weeks they ignore it and send the usual 'bill unpaid threats'. Then I visit again, and demand they acknoweldge the claim for rebate in the billing system. They enter a "disputed amount". That's where we are at now... will see what happens from here.

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