pldt 3m junction box

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  1. Hi, I have a newly installed line from pldt. Everything was ok for three months but recently i have been experiencing disconnecion problems. The disconnection doesn't last that long, only for a few seconds. It has been going on for a week and i have reported the matter to pldt, but until now nobody from PLDT has came.

    Today I checked on the black junction box outside and opened it and saw a loose wire in it. Ther are no screws to connect the wires. So, I was wondering if I can disconnect the 2 wires and just reconnect it back. Could anyone tell me how to do it.

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    What are the wire colors you saw? Which one was loose?

    Inspect the element inside where the wires go. Typically, it is a clamp-down lever which "bites" the pair of wires there. Dapat mag-"click" siya to lock down.

    To remove the wire, just unlock the lever and pull up the top "jaw". You should now be able to pull the wire free from the metal teeth on the lower "jaw". To put back, just align the wires on the lower jaw metal teeth and then push down the top jaw until it clicks to lock.

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