Plan "Fibr 1899 20MB"

Discussion in 'PLDT Home Fibr' started by Norfür, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. So this new plan that they rolled out last month. Is it for real? P1899 for 20MB? Is it unli? Because there's nothing that says there's a bandwidth cap. If it's for real and unli, I really hope it's available in my area. It sounds like an awesome upgrade from our current plan.

    Has anyone here tried it yet? Paano ang bayad? Is it 1899+700 for landline? Or 1899 lahat?
  2. oenone

    oenone Member

    ihave pldt fibr 20mb plan for 1899 pesos

    kaso lang hindi pantay yung upload at downlaod speeds , dapat ko po ba ito i reklamo at ipaglaban sa pldt na dapat pantay talaga yung ul at dl speeds ?


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