PL-DSL1 Router Configuration Mode - PPPoE Only

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  1. pls help me. . .
    i got a big prob.
    i try 2 folow the procedures from d 1st pg. and wen i got finished n restart my
    unit i cant use internet anymore. . .
    can sumbody help me 2 reset dis F_ _king modem,
    pls pls pls. . . .

    now im using a dial up,
    maawa na kau. . . .

  2. have u tried doing a hard-reset? if not, push and hold down the reset button sa likod ng modem, para mabalik sa default settings..
  3. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    if you're not on pppoe connection, this guide is not for you... if you chose the wrong vpi/vci, wrong tcp/ip config, it won't work...

    reset as suggested above...

    try to read the whole thread again...

  4. cge im gonna try!!!!sory s abla. . . .
    slamat po sa advices

  5. Ako me tanong,

    port forwarding of PLDT DSL + Di-524 (Double router config)..medyo na hihilo ako sa advice nung ... arding.htm

    ::san ba babaguhin sa NAT,lan,wan,static ip,dhcp....sana step by step kung kaya lang...

    yung DI-524 (IP:; Gateway:
    yung Pldt-dsl1 (IP:

    thanks in advance

  6. is it ok kung i-set ko ang client pool less than the suggested 32? i made mine only 10 :) or le sser kung puede?curious lang :)
  7. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    it's just an example value... like i said in the first page of this guide, you can use any value you want but use common sense when doing so...

    example, if you have 20 computers and your dhcp server's client pool size is only 10, then naturally only 10 computers will get an IP address from the dhcp server...

  8. If your menu look like this
    Try this setting it might work.


    Here are the steps to follow to setup you DSL modem as a router and allow's you to forget your dialer:

    1. First, access the setup of your dsl modem/router by typing in your browser.
    Note that you must set your IP at 192.168.1.x were x<1 ,
    subnet mask at and
    gateway at
    Anyway you wouldn't have seen the image shown above if you had not done this step.

    2. Login as user admin and password 1234
    3. Go to Interface Setup -> Internet
    * Change ISP to PPPoE/PPPoA
    * Enter your username and password
    * Set Encapsulation to PPPoA LLC
    * Set Connection to Always On
    * Set Get IP Address to Dynamic
    * Save your Settings
    4. Go to Interface Setup -> Lan
    * Set IP Address to
    * Set Subnet Mask to
    * Enable DHCP
    * Set Starting Address to 192.168.x : x<>1
    * Save your settings
    5. Go to Advanced Setup -> VLAN and deactivate it (don't forget to save)
    6. Go to Access Management -> UPnP and activate it (this is for port listening in torrent downloading, you must also activate UPnP mapping in your torrent client; dont forget to save)
    7. In your LAN connection properties make sure that you use Dynamic IP.
    Credit to Allan Noriel Estrella.

    hope this help you like it help me.

  9. bkt gane2 bittorent ko???

    mga bro, inapply ko 2ng config na 2, and without glitch gumana cia. no problems nmn sa connection. pero 1 thing na napansin ko is yung effect ne2 sa DL speed ng bittorrent. nung nagd-dial up pa ako pra maka-connect sa internet, nsa 55k - 65k ang speed ko. tpos nung inapply ko na 2ng config na 2, ang max speed ko is mga 2 mins na 30k tpos the rest of the way 10k lang. tpos reset ako ng router, ibinalik ko sa dating settings, dial up mode ulit, tpos ayun, bak to 55k ulit ako.

    so ang question ko is bkt ganun??? my problem ba sa config na 2? kc im sure na sinunod ko nmn yung details ne2ng config na 2. so i dont think ako my mali. tulong nmn mga bro/sis. tnx.

    note: pero kpg sa limewire nmn, no changes, kahit anong config 60k parin ako. tnx.
  10. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    Re: bkt gane2 bittorent ko???

    there's nothing wrong in the config...

    what you needed to do is to forward the port your torrent client is using and read more on how torrent works...

    before following the guide, your modem is in bridge mode and your computer is exposed to the internet so there is no need to open ports but your computer is vulnerable to any online attacks unless you're using a decent firewall...

    after following the guide, the routing capabilities of your modem will be enabled and as a bonus result it will become some sort of a hardware firewall that blocks inbound access attempt automatically... the bonus effect alone is worth the effort in my opinion...

    hence, peers will not be able to connect to you resulting in a low download speed... peers of course give priorities to peers they can connect...

    so naturally, ports are needed to be opened in order for you to become connectable via torrents... (automatically via upnp or manually)

  11. hello everyone. have been lurking in this site for a couple of days now and just wanted some help in configuring my PL-DSL1 to work with a netgear WGR614 wireless router.

    previously i have been using my pl-dsl1 as a wired router and have a desktop and a laptop attached to it with the connection working pretty well. its set up so i dont have to login or anything. recently i was able to get ahold of a netgear WGR614 so i wanted to set it up for its wireless capabilities.

    attached the a cable to the internet port of the netgear with the other end attached to one the lan ports on the pl-dsl1. i then attached a laptop to one of the lan ports of the netgear and have been trying to configure the netgear to work. problem is have been unable to access the internet with the laptop. our desktop is still attached direct to the pl-dsl1 and it has no problems connecting to the internet.

    my desired setup is for the desktop, the laptop and the netgear to be connected to the lan ports of the pl-dsl1 and all to be able to access the internet. can anyone help me?

    appreciate any help....
  12. Bloke

    Bloke Member

    Why don't you just set your modem to bridge mode and let your WGR614 do the routing tasks? It's much simplier and will definitely work better.

    If you insist otherwise with your set-up, set your router to Auto config then disable DHCP.

    I still reckon the former is the better way to do it.

  13. ---------------------------------

    hi bloke,

    thanks very much for the reply. been trying to do what you suggested by setting my netgear router in auto config. ran the netgear setup wizard and disabled dhcp and set up everything (ip, dns) to get from the connection to the pl-dsl1. unfortunately still cant seem to be able to browse the internet.

    know there is a connection as netgear setup wizard was able to detect it but somehow can't get it to run. cant figure out which config is faulty.

    would appreciate it if you could give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

  14. neil

    neil Member

    pede ba ito sa prestige 650R-31?

  15. Good day to everyone! Up ko lang po 'tong topic na 'to.

    Tried/followed carefully all the steps on the 1st page
    pero di na ko makaconnect sa internet after following
    all the steps.

    So what I did is binalik ko sa bridge mode yung modem
    namin, kaya eto naka-online na ulit ako.

    Using PL-DSL1 with 999 pldt plan, ask ng username
    and password para makaconnect. So I guess this are
    the right guides for me, pero ba't kaya di gumagana?!

    I connected a Linksys (SD208) 8port switch sa modem
    ng myDSL to connect more rigs, then sinunod ko lahat
    sa instructions. One pc is connected directly sa modem,
    then vacant 2 slot, then 1 slot for utp cable going to
    the switch. Tama ba connection ko?!

  16. *bump*

    Question po ulit. Na-follow ko nga
    yung instructions sa 1st page, after
    that meron pa ba dapat gawin or
    the normal things ulit. I mean,
    open lang ulit yung "dialer" ba yun?!

    Kailangan pa din magconnect each
    pc na connected sa switch with the
    same username and password?!

    Ayaw pa din kasi eh. Anyone, please
    help. Need help so badly.


  17. After ba nung instructions sa
    1st page kailangang magport
    forwarding para makaconnect
    yung mga pc sa switch to
  18. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    make sure na tama yung vpi/vci value mo... iba-iba value na ginagamit depende sa area mo...

    check your system status... make sure na connected at nakakuha ng ip from pldt... or post your system status screenshots here... click mo rin yung statistics then post it here...

    also make sure na tama yung username at password na ginagamit mo... pppoe ka ba talaga? need mo ba talaga ng user at pass to connect sa internet just like dial-up?

    yung switch connect mo sa port1 ng pl-dsl1 modem, then all your computers connect mo sa switch... automatically obtain ip sa lahat ng computer after configuring pl-dsl1...

  19. Hi dyoddyowel,

    It's me again.ü It's been a while since the last time i tweak my PL-DSL1 modem ko. I think that was a year ago!ü I'll try it again within the week to make it as a router - the third time around. I'll keep you posted.

    Just one question, should I still need to connect my Linksys EtherFast 10/100mbps Workgroup Switch to PL-DSL1?

    Thanks in adnvance!


    P.S. sana makuha ko na ng tama yung set-up. Haaayyyy.... :?

  20. Hi everyone, It took me maybe 3 hours tweaking the modem and the computers and finally my two PCs are up and working both with internet connection. Thanks to dyoddyowel, I just bought a switch.

    Hi burn, try doing everything dyoddyowel said on the first page.
    However, make sure that tha PPPOE passthrough is disabled. what it does is it allows your pppoe client on your computer to connect to the net. By disabling this, you just have to enable your local area connection. no need for the PPPOE because the modem itself took care of it.

    Don't tweak anything in the port forwarding.

    What does it say in your DSL mode?

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