PL-DSL1 Router Configuration Mode - NGN / IPDSLAM Only

Discussion in 'Modem Router Config Settings' started by dyoddyowel, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I got the same firmware of this modem posted in the front page of this thread.

    Is it normal if the STATUS LED is blinking continuously instead of it being steady? Is the STATUS LED activity affected - depending on its configuration? Or should it be just steady all the time.

    Setup as bridge mode...


  2. mga sir patulong naman.. yung modem kasi ng tropa ko is PL-DSL1 din pero w/ diff firmware.. orange yung page nya.. pano po kaya ang settings nito sir...

  3. mga sir i have a US robotics wireless router with built-in adsl modem, padala sakin ng pinsan ko from middle east. im using PL-DSL1 tapos connect ko siya sa wireless router ko. nakaka connect ako wireless using laptop kaso nag didisconnect every 5 minutes. tapos repair ako lagi. ano kaya problem nito mga sir? eto nakukuha ko IP sa wireless

    IP adress:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    Gusto ko rin sana gamitin yung built in modem capabilities ng US robotics kaso diko makuha configuration. kasi may protocol settings pa siya. eto choices:
    RFC 2364 PPPoverATM
    RFC 1483 IPoverATM Bridged
    RFC 1483 IPoverATM Routed
    RFC 1483 IPoverATM Static MER
    RFC 1483 IPoverATM Dynamic MER
    RFC 2516 PPPoverEthernet Embedded

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    @ Master Dyod,

    How about configuring my PL-DSL1 modem to connect to a standalone TP-Link Router? And I would like to have the workstations to have Static IP Adresses starting from - 192.168.1.X

    And the TP-Link should have the LAN IP address of so that I can make it as the gateway of the workstations to connect.
  5. dyoddyowel

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    set your modem to bridge mode...

    then all configurations should be done on the tplink router...

    set each computer to static ip according to the ip of your choice...

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    master dyod, can you please post the steps so that i can compare my config here to check if what i was doing is correct =) im dont have trust much with my brain^^ really, seriously.
  7. dyoddyowel

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    hard reset the modem and it will be back to bridge mode...

    TESTICLES Member

    noted. thank you =)

  9. our line was upgraded to ngn last friday. and because of that i don't need the pppoe settings in my pl-dsl1. i used the settings you've posted and now my speed is slower than dial up! i've called pldt thrice and they cannot give a concrete answer to me. lagi nilang sinasabi na try to contact a tech regarding this. eh sabado ngayon hibang ba sila. then i asked for the settings used in pl-dsl1 for ngn and they don't have a copy of that daw.

    ganito ba talaga pag kaka-upgrade lang yung line to ngn?

  10. im using pl-dsl1 and wrt54g version 7. i just want to ask if double portwarding would actually increase the speed of my downloads in, for example, torrent. or pareho lang ung speed kapag nag sa wrt54 g lng ako nag forward ng port?

  11. hi! i dont know if my question belongs here but.. i'd rather take the risk..

    a relative bought Netgear adsl wireless modem router DG834GT, i think locked in their Skybroadband network.. i was trying to re-configure the blasted modem/router but i cant.. can anyone help?

    i cant change the Region, it says EUROPE. can i use it here? thanks for any help...
  12. dyoddyowel

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    way off topic...

    this thread is about PL-DSL1...

  13. Hi,

    I have read the thread from start to end and I found it very helpful. I followed your instructions on the first page and it solved my problem with number of PCs to connect to internet. Now all the connected PCs to the 4 ports can connect to internet. Thank you very much Dyodyowell!

    However, my problem now is with the LAN connection, though all the IPs acquired by my PCs are in the same range, I cannot ping the other PCs IP addresses, and apparently I cannot access my shared files from each of the PCs. I wish you could help me on this.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. dyoddyowel

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    if you are sure that they are in the same range, then check the firewall and enable file and printer sharing...
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    ako ngpapalipat n ng line namin to NGN kya lng 1 week na nde pa din tpos..sabi ng mga tga PLDT nde p daw nila alam kung kelan matatapos kc ung mga tga Manila daw ung nkakaalam eh..btw tga Batangas nga pla ako..
    and2 n dn s bahay ung bagong modem/router n binigay ng tga pldt..gus2 ko sana iconfigure ung modem ko nun nabasa ko ung thread na to..kya lng nde ako makaconnect s address ng router..d ba walang lumalabas eh..

    ganun b tlga katagal ung pagpapalipat ng line??almost 1 wik na wala p dn kita ung shop ko T__T

  16. mga sir.. effective paba ito? kasi right now binalik ko siya sa bridge mode.. tapos binalik ko sa routing mode uli wala ng net yun isang pc d sya mkapag share.. pano ba gagawin ko dito mga idol?

  17. Hello! bagong salta po ako dito sa pinoy dsl. Alam ko po biglaan pero may tanong po ako tungkol dito. Diba po possible to kung halimbawa po ung Lan1 ay may nakakabit na another router and lan 2 is direct to the pc? Kasi po noon po trinry namen iset up and plsdsl1 ko with a friend's edimax router sa lan1 and sa lan 2 ung pc ko. After 3 tries of doing this gumana naman po ito with no hassle at all. Pero kasi po last friday eh isa po sa kapatid ko eh medyo may pagka "lady gaga", kinalikot ung modem at na sundot ata si hard reset. So triny ko po ito ulit but sadly after 2 days wala pa din. It seems either dns not responding, eh ung 2 computer na naka seperate router sa kabilang bahay ang may net connection or either ako lang ung meron (lan2 direct sa modem). Help po ? may specific way po ba na pa gana to (again) router to router? tnx in advance po.! tinawag ko na po sa pldt tech at pinalipat lipat lang ako ng lan port then sbi " tawag na lang ho ulit kami mamaya para icheck" ayon nakalusot di na ko tinawagam -_-
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    ^^Kung naka-router mode yung PL-DSL1 modem mo, then oo, magagawa mo dapat iyang setup na binanggit mo. Pero, since na-hard-reset siya, maaaring naibalik sa bridge mode yung modem, kaya hindi na nagana.

    What you need to do:

    1) Convert the PL-DSL1 to router mode
    2) Connect the other devices as before

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