PinoyGreyHat Annual Hacker Convention is Back!

Discussion in 'Review Me' started by pinoygreyhat, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. In the year 2008, a group of Pinoy information security enthusiasts have come together and decided to put up an organization that could change the cyber security mindset of the Filipino people as well as the Philippines. Tired of attending half-cooked and very expensive security conferences, where you get nothing but a bunch of folders full of nothing but vendors and products paraphernalia, the group has decided to offer something different totally in line with the term “Cyber Security” in a real sense.

    PinoyGreyHat is an organization that aims to educate the Filipino community the risks and impacts of cyber security flaws by actually demonstrating an attack against well known cyber security vulnerabilities. PinoyGreyHat is an organization with a different mindset but with clear and constructive objectives towards cyber security.

    On October 23, 2010 we are giving you a chance to personally see and feel the booze of actual hacking and its impacts against vulnerable systems. A ground breaking event dubbed as “GreyHat Gathering 2: Reloading the Booze” will provide you the epitome of hacking in the real world. It is a 1-day event of highly technical activities from Pinoy information security practitioners and enthusiasts coupled with interesting security challenges such as n00bs camp, hacker exercises and more where you can participate and practice your haxxor skills. The venue of this gathering will be at BayView Hotel, 1118 Roxas Blvd. corner U.N. Avenue, Manila, Philippines.

    PinoyGreyHat offers this event to everyone; ethical hackers, security auditors, newbies and scriptkiddies, cyber cops and investigators, black hats, white hats, systems administrators, students, etc.

    We are not here for profit but for knowledge, we are not here for prestige but for brotherhood and we are not here to break information systems but to protect them. For more information about this event, visit or email

  2. nice, nakita ko kasi sa site nyo 3k ang tickets kung di ka mapapasama sa early bird. may mga freebies bang ibibigay para naman worth it yung gagastusin kong 3k. :p

  3. sayang ang layo ko dyan. gandang convention yan

  4. malayo ako... eh
    sana magkaron ng local hack groups all around pinas.. :)
  5. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    darn...malayo ako...bakit greyhat? why not BLACK or WHITE?

    Good thing, there are some folks that can use BT4....

    Sana H4CK3R din ako..para cool....pero ambisyon lg yun...
  6. eolliver1

    eolliver1 Member


    @sir Unwired: baka kaya grey kase neutral sila.

    "ethical hackers, security auditors, newbies and scriptkiddies, cyber cops and investigators, black hats, white hats, systems administrators, students, etc"

    hehe...parang sa dungeons and dragons ba. black is bad, white is good, grey is neutral. or somethin like that...
  7. Ominous

    Ominous Member


  8. sa mga members ng pinoy greyhat magtatayo po ba kayo ng chapters sa iba't ibang parts ng pinas? para astig! :)

    hindi lang po fraternity ang my chapter.. pati Greyhats Din haha..

  9. @ginger0bread

    I like that, chapter

  10. sana po magkaron noh bossing... hehehe
  11. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    Layo mo naman sir, sayang sali sana tayo hehehehe :lol:
  12. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    Actually "GREY HATS" are not neutral people, this people can shift sides depending on the situation. In the world of ethical hacking, this people might compromise everything...Kng sa atin pa.."Doble Kara"..

    I do not agree with chapter thing...much better to work alone or be in the background, so that no one will know who you are or simply hiding traces. Goodthing NBI are not FEDS.....:p
  13. Ominous

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    Gray hats are somewhat a cross of white and black hat. They penetrate through networks without authorization (black hat), but not necessarily compromise such network (unlike black hats who will do further damage). In some cases, they disclose their findings in order to secure the network.
  14. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    Wala bang gusto sumama dito? (Wala pa akong kasama)
  15. Laserion

    Laserion Member

    kung sino pupunta dito... balitaan nyo naman kami...
  16. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    Buti natuloy pa ito... mukhang kakaunti ang interesado or maybe yung iba mga 3l337 na kaya ayaw na nila magpunta LOL... ako ubernoob pa kasi :lol:
  17. jaworemoj

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    aus to.gusto ko din matuto nito.muka nga onti lang ata pupunta student pa naman ako.hihi.

  18. pwede po ba noob dito? sana mag reply t/s
  19. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    tapos na ito... nagbasa ka ba?

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