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    PinoyDSL.Net 2011 Moderator
    Hi all

    PinoyDSL.Net is looking for moderators this 2011.
    If you have the time, skills, capability and attitude to help others
    you are welcome to apply.

    PinoyDSL.Net MODERATORS Policy
    -Be friendly with everybody.

    -If one person is arrogant, moderator should be civil/be cool in replying.
    Arguing with offending member and posting harsh words is not a winnable situation.
    Everything can be resolved in a good manner.
    Remember that we have different personalities so understanding with each other is the key.

    -As a moderator, You have to be patient in dealing with issues and arguments.

    -As a moderator, you are not celebrity. We members, admin, moderators are on the same level.
    Lets remove that mindset if you are a moderator, you are above everybody.

    -Invite other DSL subscribers to join the PinoyDSL.Net

    -Answer questions of members as much as you can to help them

    -You also need to read the Site policies here

    If you believe you can follow the moderators policy above and has minimum of 100 posts.
    Email me with your intention with your username to ADMIN (at) PINOYDSL.NET

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