PinoyDSL Facebook Signup Integration

Discussion in 'PinoyDSL.Net News' started by dslmaster, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. dslmaster

    dslmaster Administrator Staff Member

    Hi DSL fanatix

    Facebook signup integration is now embedded in PinoyDSL.Net
    that means you can now login using your facebook account or
    create an account if you are an existing facebook user.

  2. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    How does the integration works? Di po ba risky? :)
    Just asking :)
  3. donetus

    donetus Member

    i think i'm better off with the one i have than use FB to log-in here ..
  4. dslmaster

    dslmaster Administrator Staff Member

    you can login and merge using your FB account or just use your existing account to login.

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