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Discussion in 'DSL & Info Tech News' started by duhwho, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. LeV

    LeV Member

    sa cellphones may rule na dapat interconnected mga network ng globe smart sun etc. bkt kaya sa internet walang parang ganun?
  2. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    interconnected po ang pldt and bayantel...ang difference nga lang ay dumadaan pa sa labas ng bansa
  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    hindi sila interconnected

    pag sinabing interconnected

    both has same corridor to each other directly

    that is why "inter" (within)



    cell kasi local

    internet kasi hindi.. so hindi naman concern ito sa economy dahil in the first place internet is not in the philippines hehehehehe as long as connected tayo sa labas ok na heheheheh

    dahil lang naman sa games kaya tayo gusto mag inter connect pero normal browsing or downloading would have no direct impact if not interconnect

    the only thing that why we need to inter connect is for economic wise meaning if there is a downtime in the connection outside we still be able to access website like government portal or services inside the philippines despite iba iba ang provider

    sana inisip yun nang goberyo.. paano pag naka taiwan earthquake so online banking, online service from government etc would be NOT accessible despite that they all inside the philippines hehehehee

    charing talaga!! :)

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