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  1. duhwho

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    It is the only Exchange in the Philippine Internet industry operated by a neutral institution that allows the exchanges of Internet traffic in a free-market environment among local internet and data service providers.

    * Carrier-neutral IPv4 and IPv6 Multilateral Peering Exchange
    * Non-profit Membership-based
    * Open to all
    * Layer 2 Exchange (supports 10/100/1000Base T interconnect)
    * BGP Peering (member needs own ASN)
    * Managed and operated by DOST-ASTI (research agency)
    * Location at Innove MK2 Data Center (former Ayalaport), Pasay Road Extension, Makati City
    * Supported by CICT, PHNOG, Innove, Cisco and PCH
    * First come, first connect policy

    Aside from PLDT Phix, ETPI MIX, Globe GiX, and Bayantel NGIX

    there is new free open inter-connection IX hopefully THIS would help serve best the country.
  2. genexide

    genexide Member

    how does it work? di ko ma gets eh... mejo nag hahang ang utak ko ngaun...
  3. LeV

    LeV Member

    genexide this is probably regarding peering concerns among local isps

    but it seems to me that our local major isps already have their own IX's so i wonder if they would even bother joining this one

    on the more serious note: di ba tayo pinagtatawanan ng ibang bansa dahil lahat ng major isps naten may sariling IX at di connected sa isa't isa?
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    kanya kanyang IX hehehehehe

  5. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    dahil sa sariling ix ay tayong mga consumers ang gg client, lag kung bayantel ka then pldt ang kalaban mo

    kung bayantel vs globe maganda ang connection...globe vs pldt =lag
  6. LeV

    LeV Member

    hehe mukhang pldt lang ata ayaw makipag"friends"
  7. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    paki post lang po kung ano na ang balita about kung nag join na ba ang pldt sa open ix, dahil ok naman ang connection ng bayantel sa globe, kahit ang ibang isp like destiny medyo ok sa bayantel...ang pldt lang talaga ang ayaw makipag interconnect

    nakausap ko ang isang technician ng bayantel, sabi nya may interconnection daw ang bayantel sa pldt pero limited lang dahil ayaw ng pldt...its more like a monopoly, if you can't beat us, then join us
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    sad to say thats the real score, its impossible for pldt to join, mataas ang ERE hehehehehe

  9. Hi lev,

    This is the main reason why we put up PHOpenIX. We need an IX that is operated by a neutral entity in the country. Due to being carrier neutral IX, we easily got the attention and support from APNIC, ASTI-DOST, PHNOG, Packet Clearing House, APRICOT and the I-root operators.

    PHOpenIX will not just be another IX. Traffic exchange and routes available on the IX will be publicly available unlike telco owned IX. We are still negotiating with PLDT on how we can come up with a win-win solution.

    Anyway, I will keep you posted on any major news regarding phopenix.
  10. nietzsche88

    nietzsche88 Member

    this is great news for everyone!! :lol:
  11. LeV

    LeV Member

    wow thanks for the reply. Do keep us posted :)
  12. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    sana naman sumali ang pldt nd bayantel...nakakahiya lang dahil mas maganda pa ang ping ng taga hongkong kaysa pldt kapag bayantel user...

    sa gg client, walang pldt user na 1 bar...pero kung taga hongkong mostly 1 bar

  13. ___me

    ___me Member

    sabi nga ng pechay sa kampanya "...pangarap mo eh pangarap ko rin!"

    hanggang mangarap na lang tayo lahat kung walang aaksyon kasi dapat may gawa din! ..hehehe!

    talangka mentality: hatakan para kumita sa negosyo't posisyon! -->dapat 2lungan di ba? mag friendster tayo! :)

  14. lets just hope for the better ehehehe... tag hirap sa 'pinas kasi what would you expect
  15. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    walang magandang balita...ayaw talaga ng pldt nd bayantel sumali
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    its their choice

    its our sacrifice hehehehehe
  17. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    matigas parin ba PLDT?

  18. wait does this mean if all local ISPs join PHOpenIX, the pings/latency between globe/pldt/bayantel will be low and lag free? If so, that would be a definite plus for online gaming and allow for some real interconnectivity within the country.

    one can only hope.
  19. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    PLDT lang naman matigas
  20. oisilener1983

    oisilener1983 Member

    ganyan nga ang mangyayari...magiging mababa ang ping time dahil lesser hops nd distance kaya lag free na for online games...kung online games like ragnarok,khan, flyff kung saan pldt ang owner ay magiging mas maganda ang connection ng bayantel/globe users...kung sa gg client naman (for online DOTA) ay di na kailangan ng separate rooms ang bayantel nd pldt

    sayang lang ayaw mag cooperate ng mga ISP natin...ganda sana kung magiging mandatory ang pag join nila

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