PFsense+Lusca-Cache with multi-WAN Dual wan links

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  1. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    Set-up pfsense+lusca-cache with multi-WAN or dualwan links

    version: pfsense 2.0-RC1 (built on Sat Feb 26 15:30:26 EST 2011)
    ISO download:


    1.) Configure correctly your wan1 and wan2 interfaces (Static IP or DHCP) and Gateways.
    wan1 example:
    wan2 example:
    test your gateway (ping the router).

    2.) Configure your DNS server in "General Setup" Tab
    some explanations:
    - Provider for WAN1 uses 2 DNS servers. I configure the correct gateway to reach theses DNS
    - Provider for WAN2 uses the gateway as DNS server (!). In this case, I didn’t configure the gateway to reach the DNS.

    3.) Configure a "Gateway group" in "Routing" tab
    Check the existing gateway (you may have one as “Default Gateway”)

    As a monitor IP, I use the DNS servers of the providers.

    Click on "Groups" and add one:
    - Choose Tier 1 and Tier 2 to prioritize a gateway (failover)
    - or, Choose the same priority (load-balancing)

    In my opinion, "Packet Loss" is a good trigger.

    4.) Set-up firewall rules
    Set-up a "Floating" rule with the following parameter:

    - The floating rules apply on multiple interfaces,
    - Choose your WAN1 and WAN2 interfaces, and direction "out"
    - Choose "HTTP" as destination port
    - Specify the gateway with "MULTIWAN" (the most important thing!)


    You can also create another rule (optional) to use MULTIWAN with other flows. Example on the LAN interface:


    5.) Set-up manual Outbound NAT (AON option)
    In "NAT" tab, you have to check "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation"

    Then, add 2 mappings with WAN1 and WAN2 interfaces:
    - Protocol = any
    - Source = any
    - Destination = any
    - Translation = Interface address

    6.) Configure correctly Squid Web Proxy (the tricky thing!)
    I assume that you have installed Squid (Lusca-Cache) package. In my case, I also installed SquidGuard (filter) and LightSquid (reports).

    In "Proxy server" tab / General settings, add the loopback interface:

    I also use a "transparent proxy". I choose to activate this option, you must change the port for pfSense Web GUI (HTTPS instead of HTTP) in "Advanced" tab.

    Then, you have to add a Custom Options on the bottom of the page:
    Don’t forget to end with a semicolon.


    7.) Test it!
    - Open your favorite Web Browser (Firefox) and go to " ".
    - Unplug the "Tier 1 router" and reload the page.

    Your IP address may change in case of failover.

    Comments on this document are welcome. Thanks to all!

  2. hindi pa ko tapos dun sa isa my bago na naman lupit mo tlaga master deeza
  3. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    thanks sa likes :D ahahaha parang facebook.
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  4. kjshoot2ill

    kjshoot2ill Member

    ayan nah!!!....^^
  5. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    hindi talaga mag-papaawat..nice tutorials more power sir:)
  6. neo valdez

    neo valdez Member

    currently configuring my box sir.....yahoooo!!!ibang klase talga swabe
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  7. nice multi wan naman. hehe

    master deeza pwede po b to sa dalawang smartbro?
  8. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    ^oo naman sir

    name it smartbro1 and smartbro2 para hindi maduling :D

    thanks sa likes sir.
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  9. nice! next project :) maraming salamat po ulit sa mga tuts na gawa nyo. mabuhay kau master!

  10. wow galing talaga ni sir Deeza thank you for sharing

    downloading......pfsense 2.0-RC1
  11. neo valdez

    neo valdez Member

    ito na master tapos ko na yahoooo!!!hulog ka talga ng langing master deeza

    2.0rc3 po gamit ko latest dev


    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
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  12. neo valdez

    neo valdez Member

    kaso...hindi ata nag cache yung youtube ko :( hmmm hindi sya na save

    good karma para sau sir deeza

  14. Mga sirs pano uninstall ung pfsense 123+lusca? papatungan ko lang po ba ng pfsense 2.0 multi-wan? same lang din po ba sa unang tuts ng pfsense 123+lusca ung pag install? ung mga nacache na po ba ng pfsense 123+lusca mawawala din pag iinstall na ung pfsense 2.0 multi-wan? sensya na mga sir noob pa po ksi pfsense.. maraming salamat po. more power po.
  15. neo valdez

    neo valdez Member

    download mo na lang sir yong update tapos update firmware

  16. Sir neo ung .iso na na DL ko mismo sir ung ifirmware upload ko? eto kasi nakalagay pag magfirmware update ako... "NOTE: You must upload a .tgz image?" TIA
  17. neo valdez

    neo valdez Member

  18. Master Deeza, pano ba gagawin kapag naka QuadWan Router. Apat kasi ISP ko

    pwede bang ganito?

    QuadWan >>> pfsense+lusca >>> switch

    Balak ko kasi VMware lang gamitin sa Server ko.
    StandAlone lang sana, serves as Proxy Caching server
  19. oniemusha

    oniemusha Member

    chief deeza, ang taas na naman ng hits mo! daming naka-abang na at nakapost na link mo. sikat ka na!

    pa-autograph naman! :)
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