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Discussion in 'PFsense M0n0wall IPcop & others PC based routers' started by Deeza, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    for those who want to limit their bandwidth per pc/ip (workstation) "ip-range" or per "host".
    **follow the screenshots. sunod-sunod iyan..

    1) make a rule on Firewall:Aliases (hit "+" add new aliases)


    2) next on Firewall:Traffic Shaper (limitter TAB and hit "+" to create new limiter)
    lan limiter in.png

    lan limiter out.png

    3) next on Firewal:Rules (lan TAB create a rule follow the screen shots below)
    rule 1.png

    rule 2.png

    rule 3.png

    Bandwidth IN = 1024 kbps (download bandwidth per pc)
    Bandwidth OUT = 512 kbps (upload bandwidth per pc)

    para malaman ang result
    **check LAN traffic status /**

    comments are welcome :)
    *hit like if you like.
  2. rfr


    sir deeza sa config na din ang cache files ni lusca?
  3. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    limited lang sa mga ip's na input mo see aliases image customized iyan, piliin mo ang gusto mo i-bandwidth limit na ip sa local network mo. yung mga address na wala dyan hindi naka limit ang cache.

  4. thanks for sharing master deeza.. keep it up! ..
  5. rfr


    sir deeza what if kung ang sa WAN OR OPT1 lang ang e limit?
  6. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    ^^ bat mo naman limit si WAN? ibig mong sabihin limit mo ang dsl plan mo?
    kung naka 3mbps plan ka limit mo sya in 1mbps? sayang hehehe..
  7. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Master Deeza, your rule will, in effect, have 1Mbps/512Kbps *shared* between all the users on the alias list. You must define the Limiter Mask source and destination of your affected LAN hosts alias (i.e. Bandwidth Limit Address LAN) para maging per-host yung pipeline. In your case, Source IPs are those on the "limited" list.

    Inter-LAN host traffic should not be affected since sa switch naman muna dadaan iyon.
  8. rfr


    sir deeza ang gusto ko talaga na ma limit per pc ang pag access sa wan or opt1 kasi meron mga tomer na gahaman...
  9. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^What kind of limit? Bandwidth cap? Eto na mismo iyon. Hindi mo dapat gawan ng limit yung mga WAN connections mo, rather, the hosts from your LAN side going out to the Internet. This in effect covserves your WAN bandwidth and prevents hogging.
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  10. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    thanks sa likes :)

    sir, pareho lang kami nito. found on youtube.
  11. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^I use the same approach kasi, sir... Ideal din sa akin is "shared" pipe (since limited lang ang Internet pipe namin versus number of users). Per-host bandwidth limiting is a bit different in mask definition lang naman. Heheh. See:

    Anyways, it is all good! ;)
  12. rfr


    now i know...hehehe....thanks sir jose and master deeza...

  13. ginaya ko yung images sa taas pero bakit indi padin maglimit per ip? Any help

  14. the above example would not limit the bandwidth per ip but instead all IPs in the LAN_limiter alias will have a an overall limit of 1024Kbps, to limit them per IP set Mask of LAN_limiter_IN to "Destination addresses"
  15. rfr


    after making some test very effective ang pag limit...ang ayaw ko lang pati mga save files limited na rin for example mga patch ng HON even youtube and etc.....sana may paraan na full speed parin ang mga save files..
  16. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    NO, please check the video

    sir yung example ko sa taas nag lilimit per ip, walang pinagkaiba ang settings ko sa video na iyan.
  17. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    paki sundan yung video, at paki test po :)
  18. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    oha! anong say mo dyan.. :)
    syempre effective ang pag limit nyan.. kaya lang yung mga "old" cached files na ka save sa disk limited na rin ang pag bato nya sa client workstations mo depende sa DL/UL setting mo.
  19. josekym

    josekym Member

    Sorry, sir Deeza, but urbangear is correct. Iyon din yung comment ko earlier about setting the Limiter Mask. If you take a look at the comments on the video tut you posted, you will also see more of the same feedback. Yung nag-test kasi, sa iisang IP naman niya ginawa yung rule. Also see the docu link from pfsense I gave. The explanations are all there.

    Anyway, it is easy to test:

    1) Set the Limiter rule for a group of hosts.
    2) Test the sustained download speed of one host only (you should get 100% of the limit)
    3) Test simultaneous sustained downloads on several hosts (you will get only a fraction of the limit depending on the number of users on the pipe)

  20. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    ^weee.. kaya nga may aliases eh i-group mo dun kung sino-sinong mga ip ang i-limit mo per host tapos gawa ka ng rule para sundan nya mismo yung limit na ginawa mo. see first image of my post. yung mga ip na wala dun sa group mo yun ang hindi naka limit.

    no offense sir josekym pero na test mo na ba?
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