PC Problem: Power Supply Problem, Mobo or any parts?

Discussion in 'Technicians Lab' started by madmhan84, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. madmhan84

    madmhan84 Member

    Mga master help po,

    pag binuhay yung AVR, and open ung CPU after 1 - 2 secs. biglang namamatay na yung system.
    Pag turn-off ko ng AVR then turn on again the AVR and open ko ulet ung CPU nabubuhay ulet kaso after 1 - 2 secs nga po automatic nag-o-off na ulet yung system?

    I'd already try to check its PSU in other PC pero gumana naman...

    Ano kaya main problem nito?

    Thanks in advanced po!
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    Try bypassing the AVR. If still the same, you may have a problem with the motherboard or the casing switch.
  3. madmhan84

    madmhan84 Member

    Master thanks ng marami sa reply, Is it really ok to bypass the AVR by direct connecting to outlet? Kasi nung e-try ko yan dati pumutok yung PSU.. hehe :D

    Thanks ulet sir :)
  4. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    Oo naman.. "but" be sure na ang load sa outlet mo is 220v. i'm sure PSU can handle up to 240v.
    most of psu todays is (autovolt 110v~240v) meaning maski mag drop sa 110v gagana ito.
    unlike sa mga old may selector switch sa likod ng psu na 110v/220v kung naka select sa 220v at nag drop sa 110v ang supply sa outlet potok si psu.(bakit? kulang sa boltahe iinit ang mga semi conductors nito)

    ok parin na may avr for the protection against high and low voltage.
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  5. josekym

    josekym Member

    Heheh. I meant that as a "test" for isolating the AVR as a problem source. It is not a suggestion to run your PCs without an AVR. Most of the AVRs nowadays, especially the cheap ones are just glorified extension cables, so there are lots of times where we find them to be more trouble than they are worth.
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  6. madmhan84

    madmhan84 Member

    @master sa-joedy and master josekym, salamat ng marami :D
    sige po t-try ko yan!

    thanks ulet!:)

  7. pwd mo subukan e transfer ang power button to reset button, minsan nasa power button ng cpu ang problem, bale condemn mo ang main power switch sa reset button, try mo baka power switch lang problem hindi sa avr o power supply.

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