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    Kakatawag ko lang sa kanila hangang 2mbps lang din ang speed ng 4k na plan. Yung tinatawag nilang No Speed Limit eh pwede daw maging 512kbps yung 2mbps

  2. guys, sa totoo lang di rin ako makapaniwala sa result ng pero ayun talaga ang lumalabas eh.. ganyan ang result pag mga 5AM to 7AM ako nagtsi-tsek..

    Pag gabi mga 500 to 800kbps ang speed ko..

    Yung Plan 999.00 ang kinuha ko..
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    to tell you the truth i'm not choosing destiny cable for now. because as for now they are having trouble in their internet connections and i'm switching for bayantel dsl even though i'm paying like 1699 for the net with good service than paying 999 for destiny cable, all of their CSR are annoying and i have one of the slowest internet right now. nag sisisi ko bakit pa ko nag destiny cable more than one year na ko sa subscriber dun. its worthless to apply to destiny

  4. hehehehe well, experience mo yan malas mo lang siguro talaga. pero so far ang swerte ko lang siguro kasi no dropped connections and ang bilis ng download ko ng torrent.. I also went as high as 2,400 kbps download ( DVDRipped movies 700MB i think na-complete for less than an hour lang yata....

    Never experienced lag or dropped connections. sana palaging ganto palagi at forever hehehe..
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    nothing lasts forever even cold november rain... hehehe
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    @Dyowel, you need some time....on your you need some time..all alone.....ok yang song na yan! hehehe..ayan, OT nanaman tuloy...hehehe...
    as we said many times before,area area lang yan.....
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    bigla ko tuloy na download video ng november rain... hehehe
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    lupit nga ng MTV niyan.....namatay yung chick kasi umulan nung wedding niya? bakit kaya? nadulas siya dahil basa yung floor? o na pneumonia? hehehe...

  9. Hello people. Anyone here from Pasig City near the Ortigaz ave./C5 area? That's where i live and am considering subscribing to MyDestiny unlimited since we are already a cable subscriber at our condo unit. Just wanna know if their service is good at that area before i subscribe. I'm choosing between it and PLDT myDSL, those two being the only available ISPs so far in our area. I plan to use it solely for heavy online gaming. Is cable internet suitable for this, especially Destiny? Help PLSSSS! Thank you. :roll:

    Addtl question: If i'm a cable subscriber, will there be a separate cable for the broadband?
  10. Symantec

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    Welcome to the forums, actually,separate cable talaga yung broadband.
  11. duh


    that's unlimited surfing pero over at a dial-up-pretending-to-be-broadband speed... false advertising... dyan sila magaling, sa pang-attract ng customers and installation pero sa after-sales... they're pretending to be dead...
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    gandang ng name mo ah..... reminds me of my master... :D
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    i beg to disagree .. hehehe .. i'm getting good speed from myDestiny .. not the kind of speed that you're getting .. siguro swerte lang ako .. ;)
  14. Symantec

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    maybe depends on the area......
  15. duh


    if it were, shouldn't they be doing something over the affected areas?
  16. Symantec

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    yup....they should....pero sometimes you have to bug/nag them before they move! hehehe...... kalungkot ano....
  17. duh


    we already did with no positive results... that's why now we're looking at bugging at a wider perspective and nagging at a wider reach... baka naman kasi nasa Basilan o Babuyan Islands sila
  18. Symantec

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    sige, with you on that.

  19. is Mydestiny forums down or its just me?

    the download rates are nice but the latency on online games like WoW sucks..
  20. donetus

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    ^^ myDestiny's messageboard is also bugged by SQL error .. ;)

    i'm still complaining as to why i'm stuck at 1.5mbps ..

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