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  1. Symantec

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    Try to find that out from your neighbors,or anyone who has destiny internet already in your area.Skydsl didnt work out for you well?BTW, Welcome To PinoyDsl.....
  2. samantha

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    It's area-specific naman lagi lalo na sa cable providers, di ba? Kaya tama, ask people around your area. It might work good on our area but some people from this same thread are complaining on the service and theyre on another area. And you said you're cable tv provider is destiny right? I don't know if I should say this but I'm getting mine free from the same cable line as the broadband. Just used a filter and ok na sya for more than one tv. But like duh dong said, channel lineup sucks :lol:

    ports naman, thats http and smtp inbound to prevent hosting for servers, I think :roll: . It works well naman with torrents (Bitlord is what I'm using) and P2P (morpheus and Limewire for me)


    new look and may mods na ha ahhihihi :p
  3. duhwho

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    yup sometimes area has a problem with ingress cause by illegal tapping of cable tv.. this can cause problem with your internet check out first...

    and the CS and Accounting department of Destiny aren't reliable hehehehe

  4. samantha

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    or maybe you can befriend yung maintenance crew nila then if may mga illegal taps dun sa line palipat mo ng node yung line mo (just like what I did, although I was not having any problems, I just dont want to share the node kasi sabi nya meron daw subscriber malapit samin on the same node. :twisted: selfish ako e hhiihi) noticeable difference in speed during afternoon hours.

    and its true, unreliable ang CS and accounting nila :shock: but I don't deal with them coz I dont have problems naman....yet

    bawal na pla img sig :oops:

  5. Not that I have problems with Bayantel/Skydsl, it's just that I wasn't satisfied with the speed I was subscribed to (256kbps for 889php). After learning that Globe has this bundle thing going and other broadband services providing better speed for almost the same price, I felt kinda cheated with my subscription and had to cut my ties with Bayantel after my lock in period with them expired.

    Thanks nga pala sa pag-welcome! :D Yun nga lang, as seen in my joined date, medyo matagal na rin ako dito, yun nga lang bilang lurker. :mrgreen:

    I see. Good to know that it works well with P2Ps dahil eto lang naman talaga ang reason kung bakit ko gusto magpakabit ng broadband.

    Symantec and samantha also mentioned about that. Damn, medyo may sabit yata ako dito ah kasi bale naka-connect sa linya ng cable namin yung nagre-rent dun sa 2 unit sa apartment namin, nakiusap kasi sila na baka pwedeng maki-share nalang sila sa ibabayad namin, at pumayag naman etong mabait kong mommy. Good thing the other 2 (bale 4 units kasi apartment namin) have their own cable at sa Sky pa yata sila naka-subscribe. With that said, do you think their share with our connection will have a some negative impact with the internet side?

    Anyway, almost lahat yata dito sa may V.Luna area are either naka-subscribe sa PLDT at Bayantel dsl, some with Smart, and a few others still on dial-up. As for the cable tv, I'm not very much aware how many people in my area are subscribed to Destiny cable, pero sa street ko pa lang bale 2 na ang kilala ko na naka-Destiny (excluding those in our apartment ofcourse).
  6. Symantec

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    Actually inupgrade na ng bayantel yung plan 899 to 384 kbps...Then Try out Destiny.Just tell them how your setup there is,am sure they will find/workout a way for you to have internet connection.Iba talaga DSL/Cable compared to dial up,lalo na pag downloads pinaguusapan. Good Luck dude!
  7. samantha

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    I dont think they will be using the same cable (coax) as the one youre already using for the tv. They'll connect another one, a specialized one (data cable, which of course has the same cable tv out). That's what they told me before. Di naman siguro mkakaaffect yun sa connection, kasi dito sa house, 5 na tv nkakabit...naglagay lang ako ng filter and used a good splitter. And I think what affects it is yun illegal connections mismo sa poste or somewhere sa main line kasi hindi shielded yun malamang.
  8. Symantec

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    nung Zpdee ako,i also asked if they will use the cable na gamit ko sa skycable,since sila rin may ari,they used a separate cable for the internet,nga tv wasnt affected in anyway.
  9. samantha

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    yeah but you have to pay two services, cable tv and broadband. the same signal is on the data cable if they dont use a jammer.
  10. Symantec

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    yup. pero unfortunately Zpdee in my area was not that "stable",dc halos everyday. pero,in fairness naman sa kanila,they gave back my deposit of 3 thou.walang locked-in period.

  11. Thanks for the replies guys! I really appreciate your help. :D Hmm......I don't mind paying 2 bills with Destiny (cable tv and broadband) since halos ganon din naman ang bill na makukuha ko sa DSL (kasama landline sa bill), so I might as well consider subscribing to this service. Salamat uli sa mga infos!
  12. Symantec

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    your welcome!

  13. pwede bang broadband lang dito or kalilangan talaga merong cable tv? meron pa kasi kameng home cable eh. ok naman ba speed nito? 1mb ba talaga? how about sa download ng mga torrents, limewire, kazaa mabilis naman ba? And pano ung sa online gaming ok naman ba itong destiny? astig kasi ung 999 tapos 1mbps...hmmmm..........
  14. Symantec

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    was just on the phone with a destiny agent,wala na daw yung bundle na cable tv, so its just really the cable internet. its 999 monthly,pero initial payment is 2000 pesos.try to check out their website...
  15. donetus

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    ^^2000? free installation na?
  16. Symantec

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    i think the installation is included dun....
  17. donetus

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    hehe .. kung ganun , nagmura na sila ah .. last year kasi 2500 yung cash out .. 2K for the deposit (bond) and 500 for the installation fee ..
  18. jack11

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    San lugar ka kapatid saka anong plan yan?
  19. dyoddyowel

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    @ hyperthread

    welcome to the forum...

    ok yang speed mo ah...

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