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  1. Symantec

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    This is Destiny Cable Internet's new promo ! 999 pesos a month,unlimited speeds!!.... The Truth is for residential plan @ 999/month,maximum speed is 1mbps,for Commercial plan is @4000/month maximum speed is 5 mbps! This is actually a good offer,but the "unlimited speed" thing sucks! Ginagawa niyo naman kami inutil.
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    what about with unlimited speed?
  3. Symantec

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    dont you get it? yung sinasabi nilang unlimited ay yung 1 mbps@999 monthly ! pero the way they advertised it "unlimited" daw!
  4. fishbone

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    mas appealing kasi pakinggan ang unlimited speed e. masama to dun sa mga di talaga sanay sa Internet etc kasi they'll believe it. I think the average or medyo above average ang kaalaman sa computers/internet understands naman/knows na wlang unlimited....ganito naman karamihan ng mga ads e. but yeah i get your point. di rin tama i-confuse ang mga tao. usually may asterisk sign ang mga ganyan & it's explained in very small letters at the bottom of the ad.:p

    OT: any cafe owners using Destiny? ok ba to/reliable for internet cafes?
  5. Symantec

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    maybe its what we call..Advertising! hehehe...
  6. mish

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    I was a Destiny subsc from 2001-2006. Here's a summation:

    1) SUCKY Tech Support. Not that we need it, but imagine a CS line using, umm...SMS. Everything, image-wise, goes downhill from that alone;
    2) They can deliver on download speeds. Of that I'm sure. I used to have the "regular" residential account, meaning I should be peaking at 512Kbps, yet I can download ISOs at way more than the advertised rate;
    3) Almost negligible upload speeds. If you plan to run a webserver off of their accounts "under the radar," forget about it. People trying to access your site will be biting their nails to the skin before your page fully loads;
    4) They block port 80 and 25 inbound. Major sucktion;
    5) Their officially-supplied cable modems are nominally smart and do excellent QoS without any external help (eg: a separate 'nix router);
    6) They use freaking Flash on their website and seem to be proud of the fact. Yuck.

    Off the cuff, Destiny is similar to a fire-and-forget thing. They will set you up, the thing will perform, but don't expect any room service.

    Unless stuff's changed since then. YMMV.

    Oh I forget: Regarding their bundled cable TV service, here's an anecdote: They advertised via a ticker on cable TV that they had a "New Channel Lineup." Guess what the "new" channels were? "Wow. I have Al-Jazeera now." Yeah. Right. Like their subscribers need a fundamentalist/wacko Islamic bent to their news. As if western/capitalist mouthpiece CNN wasn't enough...
  7. primus

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    onli in da pilipins. hehehehe...

    madalas kasi sa mga corporation na iyan ang tingin sa pinoy eh "TANGA" ang hindi nila alam mas well capable pa sa technicalities ang mga client nila kesa sa sarili nilang "Tech People". minsan tanungin mo yung tech nila kung ano ang PHY hehehe... or kung ano an NRZ/NRZI encoding... baka ang isagot sa iyo eh... "ano yun??? bagong technology?"
  8. donetus

    donetus Member

    it's 2.5mbps for me .. :) .. the fastest was 3.1mbps .. heheeh

    i'd rather choose this than to wait on the phone for more than 30 mins (or even an hour) just to have a CSR answer my call ..

    haha .. agree ako dito .. nde ata alam ng CSR kung ilang kbps ang alloted for the upload speed .. nung tumawag kasi ako dati eh dun ako sa site ng Globe Bandwidth test pinapapunta para ma-check yung bandwidth .. ang sabi ko eh pang-test ng download speed yan eh .. with that, wala na syang masabi except "sir, gawa na lang kayo ng screenshot tapos paki-email na lang sa email ng tech support" ..
    for the past few months, upload speed ang lagi kong problem .. and up til now, ganun pa rin .. hay ..

    i don't get it .. if they're blocking port 80, then we won't be able to surf, right? kasi http uses port 80, tama ba?

    ..their channel lineup sucks ..
  9. ~fireshadow

    ~fireshadow Member

    baka outbound sa port 80 and 25 para di maka host ng website at send ng email. siguro para ma prevent ang pag send ng spam mula sa kanilang network and ang risk na ma blacklist ang mga IP nila.
  10. primus

    primus Member

    you mean http(80) "inbound" so the user cannot make their own webserver, and inbound smtp(25) port so the user cannot make their own mail server or a spam relay server.
  11. donetus

    donetus Member

  12. mish

    mish Member

    Heh. Didn't even know they had a forum. Just goes to show the depth of my affection for my old provider.

    This thread is scary: ... ?f=43&t=67

    Notice what an "Administrator" had to say about slow upload speeds, crucial for webserving:

    Oookay. I thought the guy was kidding, then took a look at the date the reply was posted, saw a Jan 07 stamp. Tsk. For a service provider that's been in the biz for so long, this "innocence" is unacceptable.

    Makes you think long and hard about the quality of service dished out by our providers.
  13. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    pero come to think of it,pwede na rin yung 1mbps @ 999 pesos! yan na ang pinak mura sa ganyang speed!
  14. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    eh yung nga tanong ko.. so kung advertise sila nang unlimited ano naman?

    eh kasi dati kasi may 888 sila na 60hrs lang.. ngayon yung 999 nila eh walang time limit kaya unlimited

  15. Symantec

    Symantec Member


    pero kahit sabihin mo na 1mbps limit,paying 999 pesos for that speed is not bad.
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga... thats unlimited 1mbps

    no time quota hehehhee
  17. donetus

    donetus Member

    parang ginawa lang nila yung messageboard na yun after the taiwan quake .. eh kung tutuusin dapat matagal na nilang ginawa yun eh ..
  18. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    oo nga....
  19. samantha

    samantha Member

    you mean to say may cap na sa bandwidth nila? 1mbps?
    napacheck tuloy ako. ok pa rin naman DL ko. 1.6mbps. (may dinadownload pa ako nyan sa limewire :D )
    regarding upload ok din naman e. 815kbps. (but still not enough for big webserver i guess heehee) tested with

    well, theyre back to normal...i think :?

    customer/tech support service: yeah they do suck... onti lang ata may matinong tech support na isp or wala...hehe :lol: belltel has a better one (not good but just better than destiny's, but that was almost 2 yrs ago, dont know how they are now) :roll:

  20. Ok, I'm really getting curious with all the fuss about getting as much as 1+mbps for only 999php. My contract with Bayantel just expired a month ago and took the opportunity to get my connection cut off as I am not quite satisfied with the speed I'm getting for, well, almost the same price I could possibly pay here. So right now, I'm on dial-up (yes, you heard it right, I'm back on ancient times :( ) while looking for better broadband service, and since my tv cable is Destiny and saw how fast the speed that their broadband provides (based on what you guys have said), I'm kinda interested on subscribing in this service, but kinda reluctant as well as I still have no idea how their service is, so please help me out on deciding whether I should go for it or not.

    How good is their service in terms of internet connection, like does it get disruption in it's connection and how often does it happen? I also saw some port blocking issues here, are ports for P2P utilities like BT (Bittorrent) and ED2K (eDonkey) affected with this problem?

    That's all. Hope you guys can help me out here. :)

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