New Bayantel ADSL Modem Configuration

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  1. This is the new ADSL Modem of bayantel (black). Hard to find any info on the internet and Bayantel does not include any user's manual. I guess were on our own when it comes to configuring this device. They say its name is YODA A 101 ADSL Router.

    IP address:
    User Name: admin
    Password: epicrouter

    To access the modem config. You have to set your PC within the same subnetwork: Ex.

    PC IP Address:

    (if you dont do this you cant access the modem config. Dont forget your PC must be directly connected to your modem).

    :idea: Like i said... it comes w/o a user's manual. So if you have any info regarding this modem please feel free to share it with us. Thanks

    PS: This info wouldn't be possible without Bridge's help. Cheers! :D
  2. Neo

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    have you had the chance to get into configuration page of this modem? maybe you can share to us the:

    Bridge Settings - if its LLC or VC


    PVC Settings - the value of VPI and VC

    as well the type of connection it uses if its PPPoA or bridge..

    having this information will be good to include on TECH corners valued informations..


    its me,

  3. bridge

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    its good to know that propaghandi :)

  4. Neo here's what the modem says:

    Firmware Version: CX82xxx_4.1.0.21
    Showtime Firmware Version: 3.46
    Line State: SHOWTIME
    Modulation: G.dmt
    Annex Mode: ANNEX_A
    Max Tx Power: -38 dBm/Hz

    SNR Margin..............DownStream 40.8 Upstream 31.0 dB
    Line Attenuation........DownStream 0.0 Upstream 3.0 dB
    Errored Seconds.........DownStream 0 Upstream 3
    Loss of Signal..........DownStream 0 Upstream 0
    Loss of Frame...........DownStream 0 Upstream 0
    CRC Errors..............DownStream 0 Upstream 22
    Data Rate...............DownStream 320 Upstream 256 kbps
    Latency.................DownStream FAST Upstream FAST

    ATM Status
    Tx Bytes................213129536
    Rx Bytes................721513221
    Tx Cells................4021312
    Rx Cells................0
    Rx HEC Errors...........0
    Tx Mgmt Cells...........13
    Rx Mgmt Cells...........12
    Tx CLP0 Cells...........4021312
    Rx CLP0 Cells...........13613457
    Tx CLP1 Cells...........0
    Rx CLP1 Cells...........0
    Rx Errors...............0
    Tx Errors...............0
    Rx Misrouted Cells......0

    Virtual Circuit : Enabled
    Bridge : Enabled
    IGMP : Disabled
    Encapsulation : 1483 Bridged IP LLC

    VPI : 0
    VCI : 33
    Service Category : UBR
    Peak Cell Rate : 0 kbps
    Sustainable Cell Rate :0 kbps
    Max Burst Size : 0

    MRU : 1492
    MTU : 1492
    MSS : 1432
    Lcp Echo Interval: 10 seconds
    Lcp Echo Max Con Fail: 6 seconds
    Authentication : Auto

    :arrow: To Everyone: This is the default setting of Bayantel's new modem. Fresh from the can. Never touch any settings yet... takot ako eh. Dami pa kong hindi nailagay na paramaters. Can't put everything masyado madami. I guess need-to-know basis na lang. If any of you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. :D Thanks.

    Oh if you notice the data rate? It seems i'm using a 384 kbps. But nah.. im still trap sa 256 kbps range :( . Di pa ina-upgarade ng Bayantel connection ko :evil: .
  5. Neo

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    thanks bro.. excellent!!! posted in details..

    its me,


  6. yes! i confirmed that the one i'm using's the same thing. although the usrname and password that got me in were all in lowercase (including the first letters)...

  7. To Neo:
    Anytime bro! :D

    To Schnell:
    My mistake during typing :( ... there's no difference between our modems bro ...lower caps din yun user name. Sorry if i cause some confusion. Thanks for pointing that out. :?

  8. no prob, propagandhi,

    heheh, but right now i guess i'm content with just letting traffic pass through. anyway, i have another router with a firewall right behind it...

    but it's always good to know how to tweak one's toys. palagay ko kaya tinatago ng company (Yoda Communications, Inc) ang pangalan nila, kasi baka sila ma-demanda ng Lucasfilms. heheheh...

  9. Ha ha. :lol: Know what dude? Baka kinapos lang sa imahinasyon yung mga taong gumawa nito.
    Nevertheless, malamang idemanda nga sila ng LUCAS Films pag nalaman. Ha ha.

  10. Yoda A-101

    The yoda A-101 ADSL Router is based on the Conexant AccessRunner CX82310 Single-Chip ADSL Router Chip. I am attaching a PDF file that describes the product in detail and an instruction manual for a yoda a-104 which is the same banana(A101) plus a 4 port switch. No manual for thw a-101 is available (I wrote the manufacturer). According to Yoda the instructions for the a-104 apply to the a-101. BTW according to Bayantel's customer service they can switch your yoda for another brand if you put in a request. But IMHO mine works well and I see no point in doing that. Hope this helps you guys running a yoda squeeze a bit more speed out of that modem. Share what ya discover ok!
  11. Neo

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    Re: Yoda A-101

    where is it? :shock:

    its me,


  12. napagana ko na ito as a router but not yet a modem/router. basically you have to enable dhcp and NAT para gumana yung router functionally nito. yung authentication nito, kung static ip ang internet natin, then dapat set it to routed, then type in yung ip address pero sa modem, dalawa yung option for routed, na try ko na yung 2 connection type pero ayaw mag work. i will you keep posted regarding this

  13. A-104 Manual

    Oooops sorry bout that its a 1meg+ file wont upload ---send me a PM with your email address and i'll send it out to ya

  14. Sa wakas!!!! :D
    Pokel thanks sa input. Lots of bayantel subscriber who got the Yoda ay interesado sa tweaks ng modem na yan. Especially me. :D

  15. pinaglalaruan ko pa yung settings nito kasi di ko makuha yung authentication nito. kung ito ay wag54g ng linksys, tapos na ito

  16. bro try to telnet your router...if you know how.. there try to configure your selft its easy and you can do it your own bro

  17. @onsoy,

    sabi ng isang bayantel tech, yung settings should be set to ROUTED, kasi nga static internet IP address

  18. Sorry for being naive here, but what does tweaking the modem do in terms of connection speed?
    or what features can be activated in tweaking the modem
  19. Neo

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    i guess tweaking the modem dont do anything in terms of connection speed... but it does do how modem behave to connect to your ISP.... like some other modems they act as a router too... so instead of using another piece of router hardware they use the modem itself as a router device by changing it setup connection in router mode instead of bridged mode.. in a way they can use a switch to directly share internet connections..

    maybe your asking how to speed up internet connection? the answer is not the modem but the best way is to upgrade your connection. i guess??? :wink:

    its me,


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