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    Have you heard of this NSClub or the so called Net Surfers Club Manila ? Their office is located near the former Our Lords Grace Montessori along DMMA (Commonwealth ave.) I was once an OJT of this company (around late 2003) and all I can say is that the owner of this company totally sucks and doesn't know how to treat his employees well. I pursued to take my OJT here because my school referred me and they said that the nature of our job will be networking and hands on experience with computers (i.e. technician) which is not true because all we did during our 3 months stay with the company is to do hard-selling/marketing/selling stuffs which their subscribers doesn't actually need at all and even the subscriber know that. So I did not finished my OJT here and the worst thing is whenever we do field works (going to subs house to deliver something) we have to take money out of our own pocket for the transpo fare because they're not giving any transpo allowance and we have to file a reimbursement claim for that afterwards. I wasn't able to get my reimbursement claim before I left. I wonder if this company is still open nowadays but I did notice their signage when I passby near the old site of Montessori and its still up there.

    I found the website here >>> Net Surfers Club

    By the way, on the website its dated 2003-2004 so I guess they have not updated it since and that they're closed already. :shock:
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    yup.. i once subsribe for their dial up back then in 1999 or 2000 (i think).. prepaid lang.. as in pay 100 then get 3 hrs dial up..

    kaso nauso bigla ang prepaid card.. so dun na ako hehehe

    saka bagal din nila..

    buhay pa ba yan... price nga nila sa website medyo oldies hehehehe
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    wow ano ba yan pati website nila sobrang bagal mag open dial up server?
  4. speedshred26

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    sakin mabilis naman pero hindi na updated yung website nila and I don't think they're still in business pero buhay pa yung signage nila sa labas ng parian malapit sa dating site ng OLGM school...
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    sakin 2 seconds lang load na website nila ^_^

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