Need help on Prolink h5201 + Dlink WBR-1310 router

Discussion in 'Belltel iCable' started by Allan R. Lopez, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Gusto ko po kasing ma-access yung cctv ko sa bahay through the internet, ang sabi po ng taga Digitel kailangan ko daw po ng router then i-bridge mode ko po yung modem. Pina bridge mode ko po sa kanila yung modem and may binigay po sila na static IP Add (na ang sabi nila yun po ang gagamitin ko para ma-access yung cctv over the internet) and DNS settings and sabi po ng tech ilagay ko daw po yun sa router plus yung login credentials na ginagamit sa modem ko. I used PPOE username/password sa internet settings ng router and entered all the IP Add, DNS Add and login credentials that the tech gave me and then did the port forwarding. Nung i-test ko po, hindi po ako maka connect sa internet so I tried different settings and naka connect po ako nung blank lang yung login credentials sa PPOE. I can also access my cctv but, not with the static IP that the tech gave me, instead i have to go to to get the IP add and the IP add changes every time i turn off the modem. What i want is to access my cctv using just one IP add para isa lang po ang tatandaan ko. Thanks in advance po sana po may makasagot sa tanong ko.
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    That means na since hindi ka nag-login sa PPPoE, you are put on Dynamic IP pool (that's why your IP address changes). Baka may problem ang account mo? Have your ISP check on your credentials or reset your password and try again.

  3. Thanks josekym. I will ask my ISP about my credentials. I really appreciate your prompt response, i'll let you know the results.
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    You can also test this way:

    1) Connect the bridged modem direct to a PC
    2) Configure a PPPoE connectoid on the PC and enter the login credentials
    3) Configure your static ip settings on the connectoid properties

    If your connection works along with your static IP, then you should be able to make it work on your router, with additional port forwarding, of course.

  5. Thanks josekym, I'll also try the PPOE connectoid. By the way, does my ISP have do some configuration on their end also or is it just in my part?
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    What kind of configuration do you have in mind? Assuming your connection previously worked, then there shouldn't be a need for additional configuration on the ISP side at that point. You should be able to verify your account details and status by calling your ISP helpdesk first...

  7. What I mean is, assumimg that all my setups are correct, the modem bridging, router, login credetials, etc., do they have to change or update something on their part because I made changes on mine so that both ends will work?

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