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    What is HD BOX PRO?

    May be you still don't know that normal monitor already support full HD, but for those TV which doesn't fully support 1080p yet, with our HDBOXPRO you can now enjoy full HD input to your monitor, including HDTV, TV games. Just simply plug and play, you can easily enjoy high quality entertainments during your work.

    World first support FULL HD1080p signal

    HD Box Pro (HDBP) is a latest digital technology product. The user can use the component cable to connect their monitor to any video products. This product used the latest integrated circuit, which had multi digital image, digital television upgrade function; automatic progressive scanning: digital scaleable and video changes function; It also compatible with CRT and LCD monitor: especially for dpi 1400x990, 1680x1050 or 1920x-120 etc.

    Equal Display Ratio Engine Version 2 (EDR2)

    HD Box Pro had unique equal display ratio engine version 2 (EDR2), input data can be decode immediately; Image input to monitor cause deformed can be solved. Using monitor special high resolution character ad-hoc operation, no matter you use it for TV or playing video game you still can enjoy HD TV it won't affect the ratio. Now the most popular Playsation3 and Xbox can show as wide screen and won't become deformed.

    Fully Support all HD AV Product

    HD BOX PRO using latest automatic data analyzes system; it can support all kinds of component visual in the market such like Blu-Ray DVD Player, HD DVD Player, Sony Playstaion 3, Microsoft XBox360, Nintendo Wii and all the HD TV set top box. Gold package come with remote control, so you can just sit at your desk doing your work and even enjoy gaming or video at the same place.

    find out more here: http://www.hdboxpro.com/eng/public.htm

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