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  1. Hello mydestiny users, my internet gets disconnected almost 3-4 times a when I need it the most. I have to power down the modem and power it back on before I can use the internet again. It's getting really annoying!

    Do you guys experience this problem as well? What would cause this need to reset the modem again? Did my IP lease expire already 3-4 times a day? I called destiny multiple times a month and all they can do is check the line. I requested for a new modem, just in case it was a modem problem but with no avail.

    Over all when connected my speed is fast. Service repair crew usually come within 24 hours of my complaint. But my connection still drops all the time. What do you guys experience?

  2. Check out my problem too. Sounds familiar:

    Using my WRT54G2 with my internet connection, I simply cannot get it to work properly or flawlessly.

    This is my current set-up: Cable Modem --- wired to ---> WRT54G2 --- wired to --> PC1 but wireless to laptop and PC2.

    Network gaming is fine with the two (2) desktops but sharing internet is not working at all. I may have to power on and off about 5x to 10x and manually release and renew my dns entries/dhcps and even go to dos prompt (via cmd) to do ipconfig /release and /renew before I can even get it to work. I do this everytime I need to connect to the internet. As in everyday!!! Worse, sometimes it simply doesn't work. And when I say it doesn't, even PC1 cannot connect or does not have any internet connection.

    The only solution to this right now just to be able to use the internet is simply disconnect the router and connect PC1 directly to my cable mode. With this, it simply has NO friggin' problem at all.

    To make matters worse, these are the solutions (if you can even call it a solution) offered by Destiny CSRs and their tech support:

    1. "Sir, we do not support wi-fi routers".
    2. "Sir, kahit anong ISP, walang ng su-support ng wi-fi router".
    3. "Sir, i-mo-monitor namin yung connection niyo"
    4. "Sir, sira ata wi-fi router niyo"

    This is one of their interesting reasons or alibi:

    5. "Sir, problem ng Destiny talaga ang dhcp servers namin ngayon. This was a problem last year. It was resolved but now its back but we will do something about it".

    Sad part, when I mentioned no. 5 to other CSR's, this is what they told me:

    6. "Sir, sino yung CSR na nakausap niyo? Dapat kasi hindi sinasabi yang problem na yan. Internal lang ho yan at dapat hindi sinasabi ng CSR sa subscriber"

    Spoke to another CSR to get a second and third opinion, and this was their explanation to me:

    7. "Sir, hindi tutuo ho yan" "walang problem ang dhcp servers namin" and then they go back by giving me reason numbers 1 to 4 above.


    I. Can anyone help me set-up properly my wireless connection?
    II. Anyone whose on Destiny right now who has no problems with using a wi-fi router?
    II. When I do get lucky and get to use my internet with the wi-fi router connected, after using it a few hours, internet connection stops and I have to do all over again the manual dhcp release and renew and the ipconfig release and renew all over again.

    Changing ISP is out of the question right now as I have been to Bayan, PLDT and others but, interestingly, I get the best speed pa rin with Destiny at the 999/month category.

    Thanks in advance.

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