My Invites Giveaway para sa mga taga PDSL..[updated]

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by bhovoi, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member


    4 x TD Invites

    1 goes to ninjasix


    0 x PP Invites

    all invites have been removed do to users selling them on auction sites.
    this is the only thing we can do to prevent this.
    invite only is part of keeping you the user safe so selling them to who knows who renders our efforts useless.
    from this point on only VIP's can approach a member of staff for invites.
    we cherish our good members and apolagies if this will inconvenienced you in any way.

    thank you for the good people you have invited upto now,

    //PP Staff


    10 x UG Invites

    --- ___me


    1 x pisexy account

    2 x childbytes

    The Link:

    2 x


    1 x


    5 x invites


    1 x clawtorrents account

    parang blackcat-games..

    1 x theDVDclub account


    1 x bitgamer with 3Gb buffer

    1 x account buffered 22 Gb


    1 x underground gamer account ]Fresh account]


    4 x - jobski


    1 x TL Invites


    Requirements ko for TL same lang kay Warfab

    plus 2 speedtest with the right date and time

    plus 2 tracker profile screenshot ng the best nio

    I reserve the right to not giveaway the invite at all if I don't find anyone worthy.


    More Demonoid Invites

    rules: minimum of 100 post

    eto tutal madami nang binigay ni na rin ako


















    2 x SCC invites


    - Ratio of your torrent client stat
    - speedtest
    - screenshot of your profile page in your favourite tracker
    - No pm.Post your entry in this thread only.
    - Only one entry is allowed.

    Lastly, PLs USe The Account!!! and Dont Cheat..

    ako lang..hehe (joke)a

  2. sir pwede po ba sa torrent damage? hindi ko lang ulit na build up yung ratio ko since nagreformat ako and nawala yung demonoid puro public trackers na lang kasi ako.

    utorrent ratio:

  3. pmcastillo

    pmcastillo Member

    Re: My Invites Giveaway para sa mga taga PDSL

    Makikisali din ako ^_^


    3 x IPTorrent


    Welcome to!

    This is a private tracker, and you have to register before you can get full access to the site. Before you do anything here at : A Place Where Speed Speaks! we suggest you read the rules! There are only a few rules to abide by, and we do enforce them!

    Before you go any further you should read the : A Place Where Speed Speaks! user agreement.


    Just like kay bhovoi
  4. genexide

    genexide Member

    ako din penge ng invites.. :D
  5. pmcastillo

    pmcastillo Member

    Actually nga doon sa "iptorrents" na thread may naka-reserve na nga ako sa iyo...

    BILIS! PM mo na sa akin email mo
  6. gls165

    gls165 Member

    ako din sali dyan....
  7. pawleonhart

    pawleonhart Member

    so member ka na pala ulit sa torrent damage. good luck! and be good. hehehe, :lol:
  8. grafittione

    grafittione Member


    sir baka pwede ako dyan ^^
  9. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member

    pare kase newbie palang ako date kaya nagkakamali pa..ngaun mejo may alam na..hehe

    sa mgahumihingi ng invites post nio kung ano ung hinihingi nio..
  10. pmcastillo

    pmcastillo Member

    Uu... para malaman ko ku ano rin hinihingi nyo... O_O

  11. pahingi din po invites torrents damage

  12. sir ako po yung #2 poster.. torrent damage po sana thanks..
  13. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    down ang torrent damage...
  14. pawleonhart

    pawleonhart Member

    hindi down ang damage, its april fools day sa kanila kaya may ganun. joke lang nila yun.
  15. pawleonhart

    pawleonhart Member

    ok lang yun lahat naman tayo nagkakamali eh.
  16. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    toink! nadali nila ako dun ah! hehehe....
  17. codered

    codered Member

  18. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member

    sorry naunahan ka na ni ninjasix e..gusto mo peerportal?
  19. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member

    @ raime

    may requirements..

  20. ahh.. oks po peerportal na lang :)

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