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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by DiEg0, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. mabibilis nalalagas ang buhok sa ***** destiny yan. wala pa akong 1 month na subscribe sa kanila eh 4x na akong tumatawag para i check connection ko. ping ko kasi napakaraming time gap sa pagitan (ping -t so far okay naman ang technical kaya lang talaga nga naman ohhhhh!!! 1 MONTH PA LANG AKONG SUBSCRIBER PERO PURO PROBLEMS NA.

    matitiis ko pa yung slow download during sa hapon hanggang gabi eh. at least matino naman sa madaling araw. pero yung REQUEST TIMED OUT hinde eh. kakasuka na talaga.

  2. Specially now that they're implementing this stupid logon scheme that you can't use the internet without logging in, this sounds silly especially for unlimitted planholders like me.

    Now things are really getting a lot slower and to make matters worst, they're down once or three times a week. There was never a week that they were not down. This ISP is really going down the shithole. (pardon me french) :(

  3. hi guys! im kinda new here. just subscribed to mydestiny. by the looks of it para tuloy gusto ko na pa disconnect. (whaaaaaaaa!!!!) :( ganun ba talaga destiny? pwede pa rin ba i-share yun internet connection w/ my other pc via router w/o compromising the speed? tnx in advance!
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    Guest Guest

    yep, pwede mo i share ang destiny through router kaya lang madalas ang downtime.

    kaya lang maraming problem kang ma encounter once na maputol ang data flow.

  5. what brand or router ba ang maganda for destiny? yun di masyado mahirap i-configure. tnx! =)

  6. Talaga? pag naka-router mas madalas ang downtime? any reason for this?

  7. what can we do to avoid these downtimes?

  8. i use router. at first i thought its faster too. but later, its the same thing.

    if you want to surf faster, tweak your xp

    for firefox, google "Speed up Firefox" and you will find a tweak.

  9. We can never avoid downtimes especially with Destiny :) it's what they do best, giving us service that suck. :))

  10. easy! change isp!

  11. hehehe, korek ka dyan... but currently no choice ako... wala din naman magandang ISP these days...
  12. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    How is Destiny nowadays?

  13. not getting any better still
  14. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    Thought, well a good source said, they upgraded IPL capacity. And some subscriber who I meet in mmo's say their DL speeds increased. Oh well, good to have left that poor excuse of a broadband isp.

  15. hmmm, not what I heard :) hehehehe
  16. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    Tragic Destiny ;)

  17. tsk tsk, what monthly subs are you using? you should get the unlimited one. i'm fine with destiny as long as they give me the speeds i want. so far, my torrent downloads reach 1mbit with an upload reaching 512kbps and above (sometimes). depending on the seeders and peers.
  18. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    They do? lucky for you. Needless to say even the employees of Destiny complain with the speeds their getting :D
  19. donetus

    donetus Member

    local sites are ok ..
    hmm ..

    international download sites still ok ..;)
  20. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    wow.... ganda nang speed mo duh.dong... jelly ako..


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