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  1. I used mydestiny for more than 1 year already. Now i tried to change to another internet but since im moving out in 2 months from now, i better stick to this internet. cuz other internets charage alot for dissconnecting in 1 year. PLDT charge plan*3? thats too much.

    ok here it is,

    1. Tried to call to support and put me on hold for about 30mins before anyone answer.

    2. lagging alot!!!!

    3. they said their internet is minimum of 512kbps and sharing 2MBps bandwidth. NOW I ONLY GET 125kbps at night!! my download speed is only 10 kbytes per sec!!!! when i called customer service, they are still saying their internet is minimum of 512kbps!!!

    so i called support and technicians show up after 3 days!!! they check the speed and they said "Sir its normal to get 150kbps because you are sharing 256kbps". there is the truth! they are charging for 1688 peso just for sharing 256kbps! NOTE 256kbps is not minimum during busy hours. ITS MAX!! now im getting only 125kbps at night sometimes even lower.

    i called support, all they says is "yes sir we will check it". never even better.

    i heard these guys used to get 155mbps from backbone. but since last month, they downgrade to 99mbps which make extremely slow down the connections.

    alright, thats my experience. you guys deciede if you should get that internet or not.

  2. I have exactly the same experience with you, but unfortunately I'm still with Destiny. During my first month with their service, it was really fast, I could get 2.3mbit speed test results from dslreports and an average of 1.5mbit from other speed tests. If I use bittorrent, I could even reach download speeds like 500kbps-600kbps (in bytes, not bits), and a total bandwidth of about 4.3mbit.

    But June 16 came, speed tests can't even get to 150kbps with an average of about 90kbps but the upload is still at 1mbit.

    I believe the rumor that these guys downgraded their speed from 155mbit to 99mbit is true. This seems to be the only apparent reason why the performance of their service went down dramatically.

    I've tried Globe DSL, but I feel like Destiny is still better. If you guys know of any good provider (cable or dsl) please let me know, I might just consider moving to another ISP, Destiny Customer service sucks big time.

    Cheers... :twisted:

  3. heehee.. at least im not alone here :p I used to get what you got before. I'm still with Destiny too since im moving out soon.

    yes, it started from june 16. at that time they said their server is upgrading. but actually, they are downgrading their IPL to 90mpbs. their support and speed is really really poor now compare to last few months.

    Globe DSL and Destiny are sharing from one backbone i believe. because when i trace, it goes to globe server 1st. but of course, globe dsl doesnt downgrade their IPL and service.

    In my experience, Cable internets are better than DSLs. the only thing is, Cable share bandwidth. so if many people surfing or downloading, it will slow your connection down. but in order to do that, Provider should have enough bandwidth. in Destiny case, they dont. that is why the dont Cap their modems.

    Why dont you try MyDSL? it has good support and service. also SKYdsl and GlobeDSL. if you want cable, try Zpdee but its quite expensive. If you use p2p and torrent and want the max speed, Destiny is still ok for that :)

    If you want backbone of the Philippines internet, try Eastern Telecom called Eastern DSL and Eastern EvO DSL. minimum speed is 512kbps down and 512kbps up. but its 3500 peso amonth. I heard Eastern Telecom is the provider of PLDT MyDSL, destiny, skycable, globe DSL and many other ISP.

    right now, my upload speed is more than 1mpbs all the time and down speed is less than 256kbps at night. it should be opposite! :twisted:

  4. How did you get hold of this info about the downgrade of their IPL? I was having a blast with their service a month ago, but really suck lately. :)

  5. when my connection start slowing down, i saw someone said that mydestiny changed their IPL to 90mbps in other forum. i didnt believe at first because support told me that they are upgrading their server and will be slow for 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, they said their server is already upgraded but never mentioned about downgrading their bandwidth.

    so i asked the technician who came to my house to check the signal and he said, im sharing 256kbps only. not 512kbps anymore. i also noticed that they removed the cap and what we are getting now is max from our server. (Cap is what limit to your connection speed. if your modem is capped to 512kbps, you wont be faster than 512kbps). thats why im pretty sure they downgraded their bandwidth.

    just imagine, if we have 500 people downloading at the same time, the result will be 90000kbps(90mbps) / 500 = 180kbps. 180kbps/8bytes = 22.5kBps. thats the speed im getting at night about 8pm to 10pm. :( pretty sucks huh?

  6. Heheh, I think wala na talaga cap even before pa nung downgrade nila ng bandwidth coz during that time, at any time of the day, I get 1.x mbit from speakeasy/megapath speed tests. Oh well, gone are the days of downloading at 200-500kbps :). I talked to a CS rep the other day coz someone had stolen some 10 feet of my coax cable and they had to patch it up, he told me that they're even planning to be ISO certified, but I told him that with their speed, how can they even convince ISO to certify them :)

  7. lol! you are right!

    guess what my speed now? 176kbps.

    yeah they removed the cap since before. Its ok not to cap their bandwidth before cuz they have enough bandwidth. but they should do it now. cuz many people who are using destiny internet use bittorrent and other p2p sotwares which use the max of bandwidth. including me :p so if they cap the speed now, we might have the stable speed.

    well they should know more than me cuz they are lossing customers!! heehee.. i have 3 friends who are using destiny and they already switch to other internets. i think as well as other people cuz my speed is little faster than before :D

  8. heheh, i tried 2wire's speed test, and I got 156kbps... :) and internet was off for about 2 times tonight and lasted about 5 minutes each. Perhaps was caused by the rain.

    I hope everyone on my node would change ISPs so that I would be the only one getting all the bandwidth :) heheheh

  9. haahaa thats what im hoping for too :)

    since ever i changed the modem, never got disconnect again. plus IP changed to i think 202.128.x server is better than 202.8.x server. never disconnected no matter how long. but now, not soo different :D

  10. I did not notice any difference (after june 16 that is :)) between those two gateways :)

  11. Waahhh, it's quite unfair, people getting files from me via mIRC have speeds like 25,000-40,000 cps, while my gets are just at 10,000-15,000 cps :((

  12. i think it did. i was using white NEC modem before. it lag soo muchh at night and disconnted most of the time. the IP was 202.8.x. some of my friends who use different modem but ip 202.8.x has same problems with me.

    now i use 202.128.x and never disconnected again. but there are some lags after june 16. :)

    i think destiny is still ok compare to iCable and zpdee. zpdee has good service but they cap their bandwidth i think ;)

  13. haha i know! thats whats happening to me in my torrent and kazaa. i dont have enough source to get high speed but my upload is very high. this upload speed is good for running web servers. but we cant run web servers with destiny. they blocked port 80 :(

  14. i think it's not the port that's banned, i guess it's incoming http/smtp/ftp that's really banned :) para covered na lahat no matter what port, as long as the protocol used is banned, alang lusot.. unless destiny to destiny :)

  15. I did quite a few speed tests like 8 in the morning, I usually get more than 1.5 mbit in broadbandreports, but drops to about 100-200 kbps after 10 am :)

  16. umm not really. cuz i tested the http server with port 90 and 9090. it works fine. but cant use 80 and 8080. use their own web server. :)

  17. same here.. :(

  18. wahhh, things are really getting worse with this provider.... now my average speed is at 10-15k/s

    that's just not right :(

  19. i told you since before that i was getting 15kBps to 25kBps per download. as u said, its getting worst now. 9kBps. before i used to get about 1.5mb in the morning. now only 271kbps. about 150kbps at night. i wish i could get out of this country very soon. so that i can get rip for this internet.
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