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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by saintkrauss, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. samantha

    samantha Member

    castlenet. its not their typical provisioned modems. konting chika lang sa mga maintenance para mapalitan. its nice kasi ive never got DC'd ever since the switch.
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    look like this?

  3. samantha

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  4. donetus

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    mas bago ba yang modem na gamit mo kesa dun sa motorola?
  5. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ah ok so your using the old modem DOCSIS 1.0/1.1... my pix is DOCSIS 2.0 complaint hehehehe

    the Morototal Surfboard SB5101 is DOCSIS 2.0 complaint

    pero kung stable ang DOCSIS 1.1 then baka hindi pa DOCSIS 2.0 ang DESTINYY?
  6. samantha

    samantha Member

    yeah its not docsis 2 compliant, but it works with me. I think my area is not docsis 2.0 yet, but some areas already are compliant.

  7. @samantha

    what's your fastest DL rate? mine peaks at 280-300 KBps, with the standard surfboard modem they give out.
  8. samantha

    samantha Member

    depends actually on the site where I download because some sites are capped. But the fastest I got was over 400. But some are just 90...150...usually its 200-250+...Thats from windows downloader (the popup thing). With a download manager it reached up to 1gb++/sec. Nice huh? :D

    I got the 400 from nvidia downloading drivers for my vid card. It said to disable my download manager so I did. It reached 400 and thats a 41mb file downloaded in less than 90 secs.

    I got the 1gb++/sec download using Gigaget. I was downloading vista x86 and x64 RC2. The ones MSDN gave.

  9. oi samantha.. magkano binabayaran ninyo sa net?
    at ano location mo?
  10. samantha

    samantha Member

    998 po. :p manila area

  11. Destiny works for me too. you guys can take a peak at my download rates and speed test at these links. the speed depends on the website im downloading from but if usually when i download from p2p with alot of seeds, speed is usually around 100-500+++kbps. ... speedy.jpg ... dtest2.jpg ... oject1.jpg

    and this is the fastest that i got while updating my antivirus from AVG. ... dspeed.jpg - Btw that was 10mb in around 9 seconds. I almost missed pressing the Print Screen button for the very Quick Downloading

    I would recommend Destiny if you just want to have a super speed downloading.

    But if you plan on playing Online Games. Especially RF Online or other by levelupgames you will be disappointed for delay is much more than if you are using PLDT. That maybe because it is hosted by PLDT. Im currently playing World of Warcraft and The speed I may say is outstanding.
  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    jelly ako kay samanta ganda speed hehehehe
  13. samantha

    samantha Member

    lam mo sensquared wag ka na marecommend. cable is affected by how any people are connected at any give time. DSL (decidecated subcriber line) kahit ilan basta meron ka line. kaya nga dedicated eh. haha joke lang. (sorry if any worng spellings) medo tipsy lang. haha pero i have no problems with this subcription. goodnight everyone


    ok na ko dito
  14. donetus

    donetus Member

    hehe .. pero even if sensquared recommend myDestiny to other users, di rin naman sure na magiging ok yung connection nila eh .. me mga ibang subscribers na sumasakit yung ulo sa myDestiny .. so swertehin lang talaga .. ;)
  15. samantha

    samantha Member

    joke lang po un. iba naman area e. heehee
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ngek si sensquared pala yun

  17. jantizon

    jantizon Member

    Is myDestiny Cable Internet available in Manggahan, Pasig City?

  18. manggahan? may nagtitinda ba ng maraming manga dyan?

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