My Destiny Experience.

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by saintkrauss, Dec 15, 2005.

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    they also told me na ako palang naka-myDestiny sa area namin .. hehehe .. anyway, connection's ok naman .. pero still i can't no answer from them (CSR) as to why my download speed is stuck at 10-25kB/s, ave 20kB/s (browsing speed is quite ok) but when i use a download accelerator, it's usually 50-100+kB/s ..

  2. My Destiny Experience

    screen cap says it all...

    plan 999/mandaluyong
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    wow .. dami dina-download ah ..

  4. yep.. para makasulit 8)

  5. Re: My Destiny Experience

    Sorry, but I'm an IT-idiot and I am at a loss as to what the graph or picture mean. Was it a positive info relayed on our part or not? Please enlighten me. :oops:

  6. Re: My Destiny Experience


    In a few words, yes.

    The program shown is a filesharing application called eMule. Aggregate download speed is around 130 kilobytes per second (encircled in red in the screen cap), which translates to roughly 1 megabit per second. That's good because the plan i paid for was for 256 megabits per second.

    Granted, I don't get those speeds regularly as you see. Most of the time I get around 30-60kB/s (not very consistent as you see) and am quite happy with that. During 12AM-12NN usually the connection speed is faster. Also, most of the time download speeds in P2P apps depend upon the availability of the file being traded. Torrents like, for example, are so heavily seeded such that it will finish download in literally 2-3 mins (it's a 90 mb file).

  7. Re: My Destiny Experience

    Thanks for the info, Terrarising. Really appreciated the explanation. I might have to fulfill my "destiny"...subscription, that is. LOL

  8. What do you mean "most of the times"? Like, 90% of the time?

  9. OT siguro, pero, is it true na kapag may myDestiny Cable Internet ka, pede ka rin magka Cable TV, by just using a splitter?

    Sabi kasi ng friend ko from Alabang (Destiny rin provider niya), pede raw 'yun. Thanks!
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    it has been answered by samantha

    the reason why your direct download is stuck to 25kBps is that "downloads" (download speed) are affected by a lot of factors. 1) ISP speed 2) ISP to your home 3) ISP going to the Internet 4) target site 5) routing 6) latency 7) others

    others - some sites employs bandwidht restriction in order to accomodate "more" users. what does that mean? it means a site "can" restrict your connection to say max of 25kBps so that if another users want to download he/she will be able to access the site (you won't be able to hog the site). what download manager do is make "multiple" connection to the same site/ and file but downloading seperate areas of the same file (the server must support resuming for this to be available).

    an analogy would be this. you have a four lane highway (max four connection), and you are only allowing 1 lane to be passable even if the cars passing that lane is very fast it can only accomodate certain amount of cars at a specific time. using more lanes, speeds things up becuase more cars can passthrough at a specific time.

    (don't think that downloadmanagers have out smarted website admins by using download manager, there are other technique like only allowing one IP per connection but thats another topic)

    hope that clears things for you. if you have more question, feel free to ask.

  11. Pasig din ako and same experience. I've been a destiny subscriber for 5 years na ata ngayon. Ok sana yung speed nya kung walang topak pero ang dalas ng downtime and intermittent connections. Lalo na lately. Hindi maka connect sa tech support pa kaya dapat i-text na lang sila to call back. Nakakaasar na pero wala naman ibang broadband na ok sa area namin.
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    used IDM before and it was fast, tried something else, Gigaget and its blazing!! Reason is IDM can only accomodate 16 threads per file but Gigaget has a max of 60! nice huh? :shock: One other thing, IDM requires a subscription or key, Gig is totally free. Advertisement ba ito? :lol: Nah! Just sharing the experience...heehee :p
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    nice find .. :)
  14. dan


    Anybody from San Juan area? particularly dito sa may Little Baguio, near Xavier School?

    Balak ko na kasing magpakabit ng Destiny broadband cable (I'm a subscriber to their cableTV). Currently using zpdee, and sa tutoo lang, sobra nang mahal ang singil nila, pero yon service nila sucks..

    Just wanted to know kung okay dito sa area na ito.



  15. I'm in Pasig as well. So far, okay naman yung connection ko, I've been a subscriber since 2000. And let me tell you, mas matindi ang problems nila back then.

    Kamamatay lang ng CDLP modem ko, so I'm stuck with the DOCSIS one. Sayang nga eh, 8mbps yung hard limit ko when on BT, gandang tignan sa DU Meter na flat at 8.10 mbps ang DL. :(

    Ngayon, gamit ko yung Surfboard SB5101, hard limit ko ay nasa ~2.70 mpbs lang. May mga comments about the Surfboard regarding BTs, pero so far wala naman akong problema.

    BTW, ping to the gateway @ -n 20, nasa average na 80ms and 0% packet loss.

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    eh sa pag bbrowse at youtube po? pano gagawing arang maraming connections?
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    you mean to say na mabagal yung Motorola SB5101?
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    may issues ang surfboard ng motorola. Minsan naghahang pa and di masyado stable. Saka parang may cap pag yan ang gamit. Dati nakalima palit ata ako nyan parepareho problem. Now masaya na ako sa new modem ko. No problems at all. :D
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    ano new modem mo?
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    ano po modem na gamit mo ngayon?

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