My Destiny Experience.

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by saintkrauss, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Hmmm...

    ok. so let me tell you guys my experience with destiny cable.


    how bad?


    i applied for the connection bec i was experiencing huge ammounts of lag time using dial up, infocomm was my card of choice then, and is still what i'm using now. y? well, i guess infocomm was having some problems last december, but now, everything works GREAT.

    back to the topic, Destiny Cable. ok, so i got hooked up and was ready to go, guess what? after less than 24 hrs of playing, boom. dc. i thought it was just a minor problem and i tried logging on again and what do you know... "a network cable is unplugged". Bah... so i called them up on their "24 hr service" and guess what, someone finally answers after MORE than an hour.... no, im not exaggerating, more than ONE FULL HOUR of hold times. Crap... when someone finally answered, i got this stupid explanation, pardon my french, but it really was, and I was told that someone would come out to check it up.

    Next day... not even a call.

    So i patiently waited, its one of my virtues, and was serviced 1 day after the scheduled check up and they fixed it. Hah! Here's what happened after the tech left... after thirty minutes... boom. Im down again. So... (groan) called up the tech support line, waited (as usual), and had someone check out my settings. Everything was fine naman daw on their end. What did I do? Out of the benefit of the doubt that the tech knew what he was talking about....

    No go. No developments. So i called up AGAIN, wasted an hour, and guess what the B1tc* on the other end of the line told me?

    "Mahirap kasi mahanap ung problema baka kasi nasa area po ninyo"
    WT?!? Did I hear it right? AREA?!? Mahirap? Crap kung hinde nila kaya sana ibang ISP pinili ko diba? Sheesh.

    Aside from being pretty vague, it sounded like they were not READY to even help me out here.

    So this continued for 2 weeks, (told you i had a lot of patience), I would RANDOMLY be able to connect, if i do, there's a 2 - 3 second delay on my game, aside from that there's this weird PASSWORD problem they have. It happens when you get disconnected and then try logging in again, youd get a password error telling you that the password is invalid. For this, you'd have to call them up and then have them reset it, or get rid of the "dobol entry" in their terms.

    Until i finally got fed up, that after 3 weeks, i said, pack your modem up and go. I don't want to have anything to do with your incompetent offers.

    Hah... dealing with them was so much a pain in the a** if you get what i mean. So, as a public service to those who ARE looking for broadband or high-speed internet. Flush this one down the toilet becuse I swear... you'll get hurt. :blink:

    Oh... and guess what... after like a month, they had the nerve to send me a bill. <_< I called them up.... and told them I deserve a refund. For wasting my time, and for putting a hole in my wall where they put the cable through. And that their billing me is outrageously pathetic. It kinda reveals that one department doesn't know about the other dont you think? Consolidated records are not yet known to these guys. :huh: Hah.. up to know no 2k refund. So.... in a nutshell...

    Destiny Cable Specifications:

    A LOT OF PATIENCE to deal with...

    - LAG... lots of it.
    - DC ... even more.
    - PASSWORD PROBLEMS ... = to at least 50% of your DCs.
    - 1 hour phone calls ... add DC and lag and PASSWORD PROBLEMS.

    P.S. They had the nerve to sue me after 3 or 4 months i had the acct terminated because according to them, I still had unsettled balances. When in fact, what really happened was they made a mistake by referring to the Destiny Cable TV instead of my internet account. Morons. What they are.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Destiny sucks

    I had the same experience. Service down most of the time, lousy lousy lousy customer service, techs that never show up and....they have the nerve to keep billing me 4 months after disconnecting!

  3. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    Wooh! This is scary... I was planning to apply for destiny dsl though...kahit di na ganun kabilis ang pldt dun nalang ako...hmmm its really hard to find a reliable provider these days...
  4. donetus

    donetus Member

    myDestiny isn't DSL .. it's cable .. :)

    big improvement na sa myDestiny .. :) ..
  5. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    duh.dong, how much is the subscription for that? whats the speed?

  6. depende sa area yan, baka sa area nyo madaming illegal tapping ng cable, nakakasira tlaga yan ng signal..
  7. donetus

    donetus Member

    999 MSF .. 2500 po yung babayaran mo for both installation and deposit .. their promised speed is from 256-512kbps (most of the times eh lumalagpas ng 512kbps) .. :)
  8. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    duh.dong: oh thats cool? you dont need to have a cable tv connection to have their service? Do you have their customer service number?

  9. waitin for myDestiny...

    sana ok dito samin myDestiny(proj8)... kakabitan nako bukas:) anyway customer service number ny destiny 841-9393.
  10. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    update us on this, im still thinking what provider to get. :) :) :)
  11. donetus

    donetus Member

  12. samantha

    samantha Member

    duh dong wag ka na magrecruit ng bagong subscribers..mas marami bka bumagal connection...hehe (joke lang po) pero its true maayos na sila ngayon
  13. donetus

    donetus Member

    hehe .. o nga pala .. wag kayo maniwala sa akin .. ;)
  14. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    duh.dong: your on destiny?

  15. Just got connected to mydestiny cable internet in Pasig but I'm already thinking of moving to Globe DSL. My connection is unstable, ping times out and according to the broadband test, packet loss of > 50% which is really bad. 2 weeks na kong tawag ng tawag pero talagang di maayos.

    Any of you guys from Pasig have the same problem?
  16. donetus

    donetus Member

    yep .. naka-myDestiny po ako
  17. donetus

    donetus Member

    me question ako ..
    how come pag direct download ginagawa ko (using "Save As .." option), my download's around 20kB/s .. but when i'm using a download accelerator (Flashget), i reach as fast as 100kB/s ..
  18. samantha

    samantha Member

    kasi pag nkaaccelerator ka, kinacut nya yung file into several parts para marami ang connection. Me, Im using the IDM I can get as much as 1MBps download, try mo rin...
  19. donetus

    donetus Member

    ah ok .. i've texted the CS celnumber .. tumawag sila and ang sabi eh baka daw yung firewall ko ang dahilan kung bakit mabagal connection ko .. weird .. pero dati maski wala akong download manager eh ok naman yung download ko ..

    is IDM much faster the Flashget?

  20. I am thinknig of subscribing to MyDestiny's cable internet service and they were actually ready to install it, when I got cold feet from reading bad experiences from My Destiny cable internet. Questionlang sa mga bagong users (yung 999 monthly balak kong kunin): OK pa rin ba connection nyo? Saan area nyo? Sabi kasi nung tiga-Destiny na nakausap ko, mga 20% pa lang daw sa area namin ang gumagamit ng Destiny Internet I am guessing that's a good sign? Thanks and your input would be much appreciated.

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