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Discussion in 'Mozcom DSL' started by josekym, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. josekym

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    Hello Everyone,

    Anybody here with experience with Mozcom's DSL offerings? Please state your location, bandwidth, comments, etc.

    Thanks all! =)
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    No comments? No subscribers? Nothing at all? =\
  3. josekym

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    Hello Guest,

    So who's your provider? Mozcom? =)
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    mozcom SDSL

    hello there! i'm from baguio city and our ISP here in our office is Mozcom. we are using SDSL 115 kbps for a year now and so far, with 11 workstations connected, ok naman connection. mabilis. we are currently paying 6,500 per month. ok din and tech support nila. mabilis magrespond. very few din and downtimes nila. since january 2005 we haven't experienced any downtime.
  5. josekym

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    Hello jeramie,

    That's nice to hear. How long have you been subscribed to Mozcom's service?


  6. MOzCOm Rocks

    I think i know who is jeramie.... :wink: i think she's from PEZA...

  7. ang mahal naman 6,500 meron ba nyan d2 sa cainta
  8. josekym

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    Ever since, Mozcom has always been traditionally more expensive than other ISPs simply because they don't offer "just" connectivity. If you look at their complete range of services, you will see that they offer more value for your money. Take for example their dial-up capabilities: the latest value added service (VAS) that they offer is NetRocket® Acceleration. True, other ISPs have followed suit, but have really lesser forms of acceleration available. If you check-out their site right now, they have already bundled free VOIP calls to US & Canada (initially) as a feature of selected dial-up plans.

    Their DSL is the same, it is more expensive because of other reasons beyond connectivity per se.

    Going back to your question, unfortunately, Mozcom DSL doesn't seem to be available in Cainta, Rizal.

    I may be wrong though... you can write info[at] to ask about DSL availability in your area.

    HTH. =)
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  11. good service....awesome...
  12. Neo

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    very nice ads.. the tech of Mozcom is doing there best to have more customers... 8) di ko tuloy malaman kung customer ba o tech support as what you post in here.. ... ight=#3418

    its me,


  13. mozcom's the only remaining nationwide ISP that is not a telco . during the past two years, some of its competitors have closed shop. pero mozcom's tech support is okey. one time our office experienced downtime, first it was some problems sa mozcom na side, but the techs are very helpful (naka E1) kami. you'll get what your money's worth kahit expensive. pero sulit. :D
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    Tama ka dyan teodz. Sa technical support na lang kami bumabawi sa market ngayon. Kahit nagsisibagsakan ang presyo ng ibang isp, they still prefer us because of our quality service :D

  15. :oops: :D

  16. I really wanted to subscribe to their services pero why did they tell me two different things when I wanted to have the DSL installed? Sabi nila at first ok lang magpakabit ng residential plan dito sa qc, nung na transfer ako sa technical staff biglang sabi na hindi daw, for commercial only ang sa QC. Bakit ganun, if the sevices are so great then why na sa inquiry pa lang iba iba na ang sinasabi. Tsk tsk, 8)
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    haha oo nga! nabasa ko rin ung link na yan neo... nice tactics to promote mozcom... biro mo one of its own tech support/customer support rep eh nagkukunwarian na customer na happy sa resolution. LOL! :) but i would still like to believe that this company is really into customer and tech support service... unlike my ISP.. na walang alam gawin kundi mag forward ng issue sa data center daw. hahaha! tawag ko nga sa mga yun eh mga messenger o mga tagapaghatid balita. nyahaha!
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    Maybe the first person you've asked is a newbie. It's true that mozcom dsl only caters for corporate/commercial entity. Meaning they don't provide dsl to residential user. Here in Baguio, all of our dsl clients are corporate and big internet cafes. 98% of companies in PEZA are connected to us. It's true that we are expensive and our competitors are cheap but we have a saying "Don't compromise quality over price". Our clients stick to us because of our quality service and superior technical support which i do believe the other competitors don't have.
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    d2 sa baguio, matagal din kami nag subscribe sa mozcom.. kahit mahal peru, sulit ka sa quality service na bigay nila. i think cliente nila kami since year 1998 to 2008. 11years hahahaha... ayus!!!

    well nasa record ng company nila yun as proof..

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