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Discussion in 'Mozcom DSL' started by Warrior87, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. hello good day! uhm, I am newbie here in pinoyDSL and I don't know if I am doing this correctly(forgive me if I do commit a mistake). I need some help here. I am college student here in Makati, and I need a DSL package with a high speed at a lower price (*sigh*). I noticed that Mozcom offers a package for Php 1000/mo. but it was not stated in their site about the speed (both up and downstream) of this package. any ideas please?

    and uhm, is Mozcom DSL connection reliable? I looked around the forum and noticed that this is the forum with no complains about the service?

    any comments and suggestions are welcome.

    have a nice day everyone. and thanks for reading.

    Warrior87 :p
  2. se7en2wo

    se7en2wo Member

    I think there is a student package available in PLDT for 995 pesos / month at 256kbps. Smart WiFi has the same package.

  3. thanks se7en2wo, but I can't use PLDT here because in order to have a PLDT phone, we must pay the penalty fee that is supposed to be for the previous tenant who didn't pay their phone bills >_< arrgh *deep sigh*

  4. Am not sure, pero parang wala na ata itong promo...


  5. oh! yeah, I checked it again... tapos n nga pla promo ng PLDT *sigh*

  6. Actually merong unpublished plans yung PLDT. Nalaman ko lang nung nagtanong ako ng options when downgrading.

    MyDSL Plan 1499 Unlimited
    Up to 384 kbps Downstream
    Up to 256 kbps Upstream
    Free one (1) email address
    Free 5MB web hosting space
    Monthly Fee: Php 1,499.00

    Mydsl Plan 999 Unlimited
    Up to 256 kbps Downstream
    Up to 128 kbps Upstream
    Free one (1) email address
    Free 5MB web hosting space
    Monthly Fee: Php 999.00

  7. oh thanks scrufus for the info! ^_^
  8. steadyeddie

    steadyeddie Member

    I believe Destiny cable has an 888 hour-based plan. Try inquiring.

    IMHO. Only try that ISP if you're really desparate. I'm not sure if SkyDSL offers any affordable plans.

  9. thanks steadyeddie. I am taking Mozcom as an option too despite their price. thanks again =D

  10. Mozcom DSL service is the good internet provider service. It is ideal for hotels ,apartments and buldings.It is an ISDN based DSL connection.It provides symmetric broadband connection, High-speed connection from 64Kbps to 2 Mbps both uplink and downlink.It can Send and receive high speed data such as application programs, streaming audio and video
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    And your point is?
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