Motorola Canopy (SmartBro) Enabling NAT

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  1. im having problem with this... gusto ko kasing gwing NAT so i could configure the port or Port Forwarding the ports. lahat kc ng port nakaclose, Im having problem with some certain games like L4D kailangan kcing port forwarded ung port... So here's the thing.. pagka-enable ko ng NAT ala nmn net.. could you pls... Help Me Setting This Up
    E2 ung configuration ko


    and also could you pls... explain it to me kung ano ung
    NAT Private Network Interface
    NAT Public Network Interface
    Radio Public Network Interface

    nakapagset-up n me ng mga DSL Modem... my idea n me sa ibang terms.. this is my first time tinkering my modem. Thanks guys
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    why need to enable the NAT? just because you can configure the port forward?

    The reason behind port forwarding is when our PC is behind a router with NAT..

    in smartbro your PC is connected directly to canopy which is not a router but a bridge.. so no port forwarding need.. bottom line your PC is need for port forwarding..

    exception to the base station if its has port blocker.. which we have no control..

    enabling the NAT on the canopy is just allowing you to put your PC behind the canopy NAT for sharing and protection.. thus you will need to port forward..

    Once you enable NAT you have now two side of connection.. Private Network and Public Network...

    Public Network this is the one expose to the net... this is the one similar to your PC if not behind a firewall.. the IP here is the Private IP set by SMART which I believe will only work on the registered MAC which the Canopy do not have a MAC Cloning..

    since the idea in NAT that you are using public IP address...

    NAT Private network will be your LAN side... as usual you set your LAN side pool of IP...

    The Radio Public is the Canopy Network IP sets ... Radio mean the Wireless Signal since there is another separate IP for the Radio Interface as oppose to your ETHERNET...

    to understand.. you canop is your CANOPY IP address for Canopy NETWORK... but the canopy itself will have its Radio IP.. nomaly its set on another IP subnet i.e

    in normal configuration (no NAT) the canopy has two interfaces IP the and the

  3. so in other words, even the NAT is enable the BaseStation Portblocker will block the incoming port and it will be useless.. I'm right?

    So how I'm gonna get the Radio Public NIC when, I look in the Statistics Page/ARP, there is no available Radio ARP, I mean theres no listed Radio IP Address. I think that is also why, there's no internet when NAT is enabled..

    Thanks for explaining things to me I was really curious on this thing on how to set it up. Thanks again for the Knowledge that you've share.
  4. duhwho

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    yup if the basestation router does not allow certain port or is currently block there is no use for having your canopy do the port forwarding since the real NAT is the base station.. however Im not sure if they block all ports.. only ports known for virus/malware..

    You cannot get public radio IP since its not a being use for internet access.. there is a radio IP but that is internal purposes within the network... likewise the base station router is your real NAT router to the outside world...

    and yes there will be no internet when NAT is enabled since the idea behind enabling NAT if that the current SMART setup is similar to the OPEN EXPOSED such as DSL and Cable .... but SMARTBRO is CLOSED and using private IP addresss

  5. damn!! smartbro... I hope theres a UPNP Base station router.. lol, so i do not need to port forward utorrent.. anyways thanks again for this. How did you know all of this kind of stuff.. maybe you're an Engineer lol. xD
  6. duhwho

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    i think there is a port test from certain website.. to know if the router in the BTS is uPnP or certain port is opened...

    well the reason they do this setup is for easy management and protection and IP allocation


  7. yeah, ive also the port scanner... but most the port are closed or being used. Well thanks again..

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