Modem-Router and Skype

Discussion in 'Modem Router Config Settings' started by razirafi, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Hi to all, I would like to ask for some help regarding the setting up of a modem-router so as to have the best possible experience with Skype. First of all, the details: I am on a PLDT (1200 plan) and Prolink H5004N modem-router. Using Speedtest, I get a 31 mS ping, 2.13 Mbps download, and 660 kbps upload speeds. I have no problem with streaming, and Youtube videos load really fast. I also get about a maximum of 230 kbps download speed on uTorrent. But on using Skype, sometimes it is OK and sometimes it is not, meaning there are times when I get choppy calls and audio that is cutting out. The call quality indicator sometimes turn red, indicating a really slow connection. I searched online and read that one way to improve Skype is to setup QoS on the modem-router, but I have no idea how to do this on this particular Prolink model. Will someone please help me out with this?

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