Mikrotik Set-up tutorial will be posted here Soon

Discussion in 'PFsense M0n0wall IPcop & others PC based routers' started by Janbjorn, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    Mikrotik products Set-up i have my Video tutorial soon :)
  2. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member


    I have successfully installed Mikrotik products. I'm planning to add external Lusca for youtube caching :)
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  3. primus

    primus Member

    adding an external cache server is very simple in mikrotik

    first you need to create a mangle rule to "mark" the ip of your lusca server and mark it with a new connection with pass-through action set to disable.

    then on the NAT, create a rule to "accept" the ip of your lusca, but make sure your internal subnet is already natted.

    then, in your web proxy settings, just enable the parent proxy to your lusca.

    to enable the transparent proxy, just create a NAT with dstnat and action set to redirect to port of your lusca

    that is all!. very simple.

    I also made some scripting to mikrotik forum back in 2005 and you can still find it there, it is for Fair Access Policy, it can reduce the user's speed based on time online and downloaded data, plus a monitoring script with a nice siren alarm.
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  4. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member

    ^ yes, very simple.

    I'm still tuning-up my external cache server chudy based storeurl.
  5. primus

    primus Member

    mikrotik is so powerful that it makes pfsense and other soft-router a child's play, been using it since 1997 and was once a contributor when they were still developing it. i loaned my digicom to them for their dial-in support and never got it back.
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  6. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    been using it too.. compared to other soft-router(s), mabilis mag boot ang mikrotik meron syang default caching yun nga lang hindi nya supported ang dynamic content.

    nagka interest lang ako as pfsense dahil sa multi-wan at lusca :)
  7. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    Own opinion and Experience :D

    Multiwan in all Ports/Load Balancing using packet Marking/Failover = Mikrotik
    Firewall = Pfsense (OS Filtering)
    Traffic Shaping = Pfsense (HFSC)
    Portal = Mikrotik
    Cache = Pfsense (tunable)
  8. primus

    primus Member

    you probably using a level-0 or level-1 license which does not allow more than 1 wan port and you have not seen the full power of MT,

    for those who already used mt for a large scale deployment, mikrotik can only be compared to cisco and not pfsense, and one must know that MT is not something like pfsense it is far more advanced and it is a core router which supports unlimited number for pppoe,pptp,l2tp,ip-ip,eoip etc..etc.. and it also support many routing protocol, from simple rip to a more advanced osp,bgp and mpls.

    mt has more advanced firewall rule set than any soft-router on the market, its packet marking is not only used for firewalling purpose, but it is used to process packets to whatever you may see fit, i.e. you can route certain packet to go through other interface whether it's a lan or wan.

    MT is so advanced that they have their own certification for it. the only reason why MT hasn't much gain over pfsense, because it is a paid product, MT is widely used as a core router by mid-size to big companies.
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  9. kjshoot2ill

    kjshoot2ill Member


    kailan mo ipopost ang tuts?..^___^
  10. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    Interesting remarks primus. thanks for your inputs.

    My knowledge on mikrotic is very basic. I didn't like my configuration about the monitoring the wan ports. right now it is set to ping the router issued the ISP. I know this is not good since the router might be responding to pings while the real net connection is down. Is there any other way to configure MT to monitor the real net flow, perhaps pinging other servers on the net instead of the modem router issued by globe?
  11. primus

    primus Member

    MT has a built-in watchdog and netwatch, you can ping sites that belong to a particular WAN and run a script when the link goes down, and your script can do different tasks, only your imagination can limit you.
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  12. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    ^ I know MT is comparable to Cisco I've known MT way back my infancy learning routing and since the complicated learning curve of networking I stay away from MT. Now my question is this what made MT popular to Netcafe now a days? or should I say MT tutorials here will be implemented to Internet Cafe? I haven't in NetCafe scene for quiet a while.

    @ Sire Prime,

    Musta na sir? Good to see you again posting here :)
  13. primus

    primus Member

    where's the tutorial?
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  14. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    hehehe di ko pa na upload video po un...at about sa hotspot gateway ang tutorial
  15. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    Update Mikrotik : naging busy ako, sensya na about video, di ko alam kung magagawa ko pa un hahaha, but anyway, ask me nalang about mikrotik i will try to help you...

    kung may available kayong RB1100AHx2 pabili basta mura hehehe

    Mikrotik Set-up ko

    Limit Peer to peer Connections (Very Effective in any torrents software such as IDM, Bittorent)
    Low latency Gaming (DOTA 2 LOL,SF etc etc.) satisfies the users.
    Clear Voip Calls (Skype YM)
    Very Effective in Priority Queue

  16. sir, kung ok lang sayo, kung maari paki upload ng installer ng microtik at tutorial. interesting po
  17. kjshoot2ill

    kjshoot2ill Member

    agree ako sa naka bold phrase
    been observing and searching for valuable infos pa bago ideploy
  18. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    ano po ba ung set-up ninyo sir? baka mabigyan ko kayo ng idea
  19. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    bili ka po ng mikrotik router products sir...tapos sa tutorial pati scripts na nagawa ko bigay ko sayo...pati pag LIMIT ng torrents IDM lahat...low latency gaming...DOTA,SF,Crossfire,

  20. Ganda pala neto.. Kung yung pfsense dumugo na ako dati, what more pa dito. Mas maganda features neto kesa sa pfsense. Kung sa basketball, TAMBAK! : )

    Boss kung bibili ba ng Mikrotik product, kasama na license dun sa hardware?

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