Microsoft unveils Virtual XP mode in Windows 7

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  1. J3SS3

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    Microsoft unveils Virtual XP mode in Windows 7

    Microsoft Corp. will unveil an add-on to Windows 7 that lets users run applications designed for Windows XP in a virtual machine, the company confirmed Friday — the first time Microsoft has relied on virtualization to provide backward compatibility.Dubbed “Windows XP Mode,” the add-on creates an XP virtual environment running under Virtual PC, Microsoft’s client virtualization technology, within Windows 7, said Scott Woodgate, the director of Windows enterprise and virtualization strategy. In a post to a company blog, Woodgate said the add-on is part of the pitch to convince businesses to migrate to Windows 7. “All you need to do is to install suitable applications directly in Windows XP Mode,” said Woodgate. “The applications will be published to the Windows 7 desktop and then you can run them directly from Windows 7.”


    Details of Windows XP Mode (XPM) were first reported Friday afternoon by Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, two prominent bloggers who are also collaborating on a book, Windows 7 Secrets, due out this fall. Windows 7 Enterprise is available only to companies with volume licensing agreements. Windows XP Mode (XPM) requires processor-based virtualization support and is based on the next-generation Microsoft Virtual PC 7 virtualization technology, said Rivera, who also disclosed that Microsoft will include a fully licensed copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) with the add-on. That, in effect, gives Windows 7 users a way to run older applications without having to pay for another operating system license. Rivera also touted, as had Woodgate, the ability to run Windows XP applications directly from the Windows 7 desktop without having to first open a separate virtual machine window.

    Some more info:
    (naka tinylink, kasi nag CBACK Security Error. Siguro dahil aspx ang Page.)

    Source: ComputerWorld
  2. JamesCooper

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    add ko lang additional info...

    The basic object of Windows XP Mode is to allow installing and using old productivity applications on Windows 7 based PC.

    It should be noted that Windows XP Mode requires an Intel or AMD processor that supports virtualization and is enabled for the client-side virtualization - means the virtualization takes place on the user machine and not on any server.

    Microsoft promises to offer Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC as a free download for those who buy Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise versions of the operating system. This feature wasn't included in previously released Windows 7 Beta version and it will be with the Windows 7 release candidate.

    Here's a screenshot of the Virtual Windows XP...


    For more screenshots of Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 head to Paul Thurrott's SuperSite page.
  3. badrra

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    BIG question in my mind is WHY? Its like a patch thats intended to cover up some short coming. Ewan ko , I really dont understand.
  4. J3SS3

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    Ang Purpose lang naman ata is to run ang Programs na Incompatible sa Windows 7, thru the Virtualization but still your using the OS windows 7.
  5. tong2x_

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    yeah it is just for compatibility, yung xp naman meron din for win95, win98. pero hindi virtualized na tulad nyan.
  6. badrra

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    Wala lang na wierdohan lang ako sa set up imagine having XP running on Windows 7. Anyway siguro marketing consideration kasi ung mga games wont run on Windows 7 yet. But di ba ma appektuhan yung performance nyan? Also will the dirvers work on virtualized mode?

    Tingin ko kasi parang hindi sya plus but rather a patch. Yes dati meron ngang win95 and 98 sa XP but not the whole OS.
  7. lordmight

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    Pwede nga yan, pero kung ang gagawin nila ay patch na lang or sa windows update at iupdate ang build ng Windows 7 na kayang mag run or magsupport ng programs running only sa XP ay mas madali kesa gumamit ng virtual OS mas mahirap ata IMO dahil masyado malakas sa RAM speed. anyway, parang mga crack na games, katulad ng AOE2 dati pang win98 lang siya at 98SE, ginawa ng MS nag update sila sa SP2 pede na ang AOE2 sa Windows XP na SP2. Pero di running sa SP1.

  8. klyster

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    Virtualization is the best way to run uncompatible software to new operating systems, sa aming mga developer it is vital. It will also give way to those companies who wants to acquire the new operating system without the fear of inability to run their existing office automation system or any ERP management system. It is like getting into option of becoming future proof without leaving behind existing system.
  9. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    I think it is just a catch all, they are learning, remember vista, for some it work perfectly but for most it didn't.

    why wait for all those naggers to shout "my software won't work" when you can run it virtualized. they own the technology din naman. parang there is no point in buying winXP when you can have both system in windows 7.

    patching is also good then again, patching an OS may take some time, not unless high level security risk. paglow risk matagal bago irelease para ma test pa muna. with virtualization, if it won't work it is your option to run it virtualized or wait for the patch. di ba cyempre try mo na ng virtualized.

    question is performance lng, pero Ithink ang target nila is incompatible applications not games.
  10. Ominous

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    Just reading more from Paul's SuperSite

    So... after installing it in the virtual machine, the application is then published to the host OS so it would no longer need to run XPM again, or will it virtualize the application in the background?
  11. alucardver

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    hahhahah, siraulong MICROSOFT, bakit pa mag iinstall ng win7 kung winxp rin naman pala ang gagamitin through virtual mac. hahhaha... buti sana kung linux ito, baka magnda pang pakinggan.
  12. klyster

    klyster Member

    Hindi po siraulo yan alucadver, sa mga common user di talaga nila ma-appreciate ang ganyang feature, pero sa aming mga developers at sa mga malalaking company, napakalaking tulong nyan, for example we want to upgrade to the new OS, for us to be able to adopt easily on new updates for the coming years kumbaga gusto na naming maging future proof, pero our current system could only run in WindowsXP then we are not into worry that we can't migrate easily to the new OS until the time the updates come for that particular system. Kasi ang Microsoft ngayon nakikinig na sa kanilang mga clients and they don't want to take the wrong side of the road again, compatibility must not be an issue to Windows 7 kaya nila ginawa yun, in this feature they are not actually targeting gamers, or any hardware, they are targeting corporations who wants to migrate to the new operating system early ensuring that their existing system will be compatible with the new OS.

    Appreciation of technology can't be seen unless needed...
  13. alucardver

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    IDOL, galing magpaliwanag... but dun po sa mga USERs lang i think using this program is hindi ganung kaganda, unless gusto lang siguro ma try.

    isang tanong nalang sir, bakit hindi nalang nila ginawang comaptible yung mga program ng xp LIKE mag issue sila ng UPDATES or new SERVICE PACK same Company naman sila. or talagang balak na nilang i-phase out sooner yung XP.
  14. Ominous

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    Adding more from klyster's reply...
    I'm not sure though but I think I read somewhere in the Intarwebs that Vista contains legacy code in order for it to run older programs, at the cost of performance. So with XPM, that degradation of performance is removed and the compatibility of legacy programs is improved.
  15. klyster

    klyster Member

    It may produce some conflicts and problems, XP can't function well with the new version of the kernel used by microsoft, the best way is to use virtual pc, where they intend to run the old kernel under the Virt-PC for backward compatibility without affecting the new kernel and preventing conflicts. The legacy code can bug the new kernel, thats why Vista is not that stable.

    Because this solution didn't work well...

    The safer way might work:

    Commonly kasi win or loose yan eh pagdating sa mga solutions, they may win half of the target users, but the other half is not satisfied or consider it as a waste.
  16. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    hindi mo ba nabalitaan? extended support na ang winxp meaning natapos na ang support nun, in layman terms phase out na.

    option po ang update via service pack pero would you wait for 6 months to 1 year?

    how about updates via windows update or autoupdate, low priority ang compatibily issue unless major issue, so it might take weeks or months.

    now what if I told you, that in case you have compatibility issues, in an instance you could run that incompatible software, would you still think sira ulo sila? or would you be happy that your incompatible software would be able to run without you buying third party software or pulling your hair out thinking of what to do to solve your problem.

    it is not there for everyone to use or try, it is there for those who would need it. parang yung wordpad, it is there but nobody uses it but in some cases you could use it to type some documents.
  17. badrra

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    Problema lang dyan is performance. Memory hugger ang VM. Technically you can run Windows 7 or any OS on a linux machine but in my experience, the performance degrades by 50% but ofcourse it will depend on how much resources you allocate to the guest OS. XP requires at least 360meg of RAM and 1.5GIG of HD Minimum. As you add applications, the requirement expands. Not to mention driver compatibility. Thats another issue.
  18. lordmight

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    Hindi habang buhay magbebenta ang MS ng WinXp sa market, mawawala din yan parang win95, kaya hangga't maari ginagawan nila ng solusyon kung pano mapaparun ang applications/programs sa win7 kahit pa wala na ang WinXp at sa WinXp lang compatible ang applications. IMO, kakailanganin mo talaga ang ganyan, part yan ng tinatawag na Software Improvement. JMO

    Win7 is such a wonderful OS, ang prob lang is, wala pa akong matinong installer.
  19. nietzsche88

    nietzsche88 Member

    wala namang bago dyan. :lol:

    virtualization lang yan ginawang seamless. madami na yan for different host OSes and different guests.

    but don't you think it's "fair" sa iba na nagswitched sa vista then may have had to buy and use XP virtually tapos ngayon pinanamimigay na lang yung copy ng licensed XP for free with this?
  20. Unwired

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    Malaki na masyado natubo nila sa XP eh, so goodies ata yan for

    ey...Welcome back...

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