Microsoft Admits Altering without Users Knowledge

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    Clinton went on to acknowledge the fact that Microsoft has been updating both Vista and XP without informing the users or looking for any type of approval. "One question we have been asked is why do we update the client code for Windows Update automatically if the customer did not opt into automatically installing updates without further notice? The answer is simple: any user who chooses to use Windows Update either expected updates to be installed or to at least be notified that updates were available. Had we failed to update the service automatically, users would not have been able to successfully check for updates and, in turn, users would not have had updates installed automatically or received expected notifications. That result would not only fail to meet customer expectations but even worse, that result would lead users to believe that they were secure even though there was no installation and/or notification of upgrades," Clinton added.

    Clinton explained that Microsoft has been updating WU in this manner since the service's debut. In this regard, Windows Updates is configured in such a manner that it will disregard the users' updating settings. With the sole exception of not auto-updating, when the Automatic Updates option is turned off. However, when users opt for the automatic installation of updates, or for notifications in relation to fresh releases, the company goes ahead and pushes the refreshes independent of the user. Microsoft indicated in no way that this practice will change in time.

    "The Windows Update client is configured to automatically check for updates anytime a system uses the WU service, independent of the selected settings for handling updates (for example, "check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them"). This has been the case since we introduced the automatic update feature in Windows XP. In fact, WU has auto-updated itself many times in the past," Clinton explained.

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