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  1. Anyone knows the main office of Cd-R King?
    Kailangan ko lang po malaman.

    The history of this company?
    And information about this company?
    Kasi kahit anong search sa internet about the history of CD-R King wala akong mahanap.

  2. Nasa website nila yung contact numbers nila, tanong mo na lang.. hehe..
  3. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    diba na hack website nila?
  4. nightcrawlers

    nightcrawlers Member

    sa binondo po ang main office nila. may exact add ako nila kasi nag aapply ako dun. wahehehe
  5. livewire

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    main office ng CD-R King is somewhere in binondo, sinadya ng brother ko yan cuz we wanted to get a franchise from them.sad to say they dont do franchising. but if u want i have contacts ng supplier ng CD-R King. u can get the same cost as cd-r king kaso in very large bulk talaga like container vans. murang mura lang ang cost per cd-r and dvd-r per container van. FOB Pinas would cost like 2.00 per cd-r and 2.75 per DVD regardless of the brand. ARITAS are the more xpensive one which will have a landed cost of about 3.00 for dvd and 2.75 for cd-r. the above price i gave u was computed per 40ft. container van.

  6. ganon po ba?
    ano po yung exact add nila? para po mapuntahan..
    at kung alam niyo po history and any information about sa company?
  7. livewire

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    curious lang ako as to why u need the address of their main office?i

    if u are interested in applying for a CD-R king franchise, they dont do franchising so it is impossible for you to own or operate a cdr-king in ur area. i am not discouraging you or something but i am merely saving your from your time and effort if yung ang sadya mo. i guess some people here in PDSL also tried applying for franchising and i am one of them and was turned down by cdr-king.

    but if u have other reasons why u need their address then ill will ask my brother later as to where the exact address since he is still in flight right now going back to phil from singapore. i will pm u the exact address.
  8. AaronICK

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    Baka project sa school about history of a successful business venture.

  9. for our thesis kasi.
    nag-defense kasi kmi and our thesis title is "Ordering System Using Barcode for Cd-R King"
    e' tinatanong ng mga panel kung ano ba ung history nitong company na ito,
    and information. And kailangan ko ng main add of CD-R King kasi kailangan
    daw muna ng letter mula sa amin para malaman kung papayag ba sila na
    iimplement ung system sa company nila. Aun po.

  10. i mean exact address.

  11. i mean exact address..
  12. jantizon

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    i think the reason why they're not posting it because ayaw nila ipaalam sa public kung san talaga sila. Lung may kailala kayo na branch manager to test your thesis, i think ok na yun. kahit sa main office muna.
  13. nightcrawlers

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    deleted :lol:

    kakagaling ko lang dyan.

    note this kasi aalisin ko rin kagad to.
  14. tong2x_

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    nge bakit naman sila napili nyo donut tapos wala pala kayong contact sa kanila

  15. rm 916 9/f stateland center bldg. juan luna st. binondo manila :lol:

    kakagaling ko lang dyan.

    note this kasi aalisin ko rin kagad to.

    Thank you..
    hmmm...employee ka ng cd r king? hmm
  16. nightcrawlers

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    di pa naman dude kakatapos pa lang ng interview for computer technician. thanks God pasado naman hehehe!

  17. Ah.. hehe...
    oo tama!

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