Mabilis b ang.............DESTINY ?

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by gateway83, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. kc gus2 k n palitan ang aking DSL because it's too slowwwwwwwwww nah at ang aking DSL ay "PLDT MYDSL"....... kakabagot at kakainis ang DSL nila....gus2 k n ng mabilis n internet....

    kya kung meron kayo ibang recommendation pki sbi lngs akin.....

    thks guys
  2. genexide

    genexide Member

    welcome to the forums gateway
    first, try mo i pm si ganja_boy.. matutulungan ka po nun sir sa pldt connection..
    and ung sa kung mabilis ang destiny po, ok nman po but it depends on your area sir eh.. :D
  3. stanelope

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    only your destiny could tell the truth!

  4. Help Ganja boy!

    How do I get in touch with ganja boy regarding increasing the speed of my PLDT DSL? Thanks!

  5. Just send him a PM. Tignan mo po sa PLDT DSL Forum.
    Before nya na-adjust, I was only getting around 800kbps of download. Now, eto na po:
  6. cliff101

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    meron ako friend gamit yan destiny dpende daw sa location and speed 8mb download rate nya, kung sa download rate mas mabilis talaga ang cable internet pero sa games mas ok paren ang dsl

    Just send him a PM. Tignan mo po sa PLDT DSL Forum.
    Before nya na-adjust, I was only getting around 800kbps of download. Now, eto na po:

    WOW ang taas legal po b ang ginagawa ni ganja boy? gus2 korin sana ipaayos ung sakin.

    eto po ang saakin plan 1995

  7. donetus

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    yeah .. depende talaga sa area yan .. meron naka-3mbps tapos meron iba naka-cap sa 1mbps ..

    sabi sa TipidPC, meron daw SOD ang myDestiny every 10pm or 11pm to 8am ata ..

  8. i dont think so.... depends sa area d2 ngah sa area namin marami internet cafe.. bakit yung interenet cafe lang namin yung nwlan ng connection from april 19 until now may 2.... bakit yung mga katabi nmin na internet cafe d nwlan.. until now d prin nila naaactionan yung problema namin... wla tlgang kwenta PLDT...
  9. limuel123456

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    hehehehe pldt scandal youtube
    nagkamurahan 2loy
  10. lordmight

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    sometimes sa umaga nawawala net at mga 6 ng gabi, pag 11 o'clock derederetso ang download speed. mabilis sa gabi sa umaga hindi hehe

  11. im currently subscribe sa globe at destiny.. so a dsl and cable plan
    totoo na about the area ang basis ng destiny. about the capping. ng mga last year siguro the capping is always not an issue. but you cant sisi the providers eh. dumadami na ang subscriber nila so kahit di natin alam. kahit walang cap ang inet parang nagkakaron. kasi hati hati na lalo na kapag cable.. i dont prefer globe kainis dami problem hope it helps

  12. i had a PLDT DSL Pro account and got sick and tired of the countless intermittent conditions i've experienced that spanned months of service degredation.

    with Destiny 999 plan youget what your paying for. comparing my Pro PLDT DSL my torrent download speedes was 230 to 300kb. with Destiny i get about half.

    the thing i hate about Destiny is the browsing speeds, so freaking slow connections here in Q.C. along Congressional road. i've tried tweaking my comp which increased only a few kbs, nothing spectacular. also now that i've moved to Destiny, i cant send out email via pop3 from my 2 site host.

    whats with Destiny anyways, maybe i should have gone PLDT 999 instead ... just that coming from a Pro account, i opted not to since they share same cabling and may be plaqued by same line conditions. btw, their new modens suck!

  13. I am thinking of replacing my Destiny connection right now. I came from PLDT already and dont want to go back.

    What is/are my best option(s) nowadays?

  14. Why not try sky broadband thats what I did and Im happy

  15. hindi na ganon kabilis

    Im using bayandsl now and so far good naman ang speed for what im paying for, this is the third ISP na for me, first pldt, its ok but im sick of the hidden charges and then about destiny, before mga 2 years ago yes mabilis sila i can go up to 2.5 pag madaling araw but now, i dont know maybe its just from my area, im here in laloma, its not good anymore, specially around 10 all the way to 10pm usad pagong ang connection tlga, and im not exagerating na minsan parang dial up, dun ako na dissapoint, madaling araw ok naman speed niya but sometimes nawawala bigla ang connection and u have to repair your lan para maging ok uli ang flow.Im not happy na with destiny kaya lumipat na ako, parang ang dami nyo na naghahati di na worth.
  16. genexide

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    yan ba yung 12mbps ng sky sir? ok po ba?

  17. mabilis ang destiny ...

    ... maningil! :lol:

    kung masakit ulo sa PLDT, dito mawawalan ka ng ulo! hahaha

    good luck!

  18. mga sir, ok ba ang destiny sa better living sub. paraƱaque?

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