Lusca-Cache Youtube Error

Discussion in 'PFsense M0n0wall IPcop & others PC based routers' started by Deeza, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member

    they just share to us a script of youtube caching error solution "storeurl"
    try and compare to your pfsense lusca or better try the tutorial ubuntu server/mikrotik hehe
  2. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. kjshoot2ill

    kjshoot2ill Member youtube po yan

  4. pa share naman para yt cache

  5. Hi Siganteng, welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing the fix. I checked your site but the I saw there just contained the followig lines:

    I might have missed it in your site. Can you please tell me where I can download the file for the
    fix for the youtube error? Or is the solution contained in the squid.conf file?


  6. Hi, I tried to follow this thread but noticed that its been almost a year since it was created. I have the following questions though...

    Can anybody share their latest

    By the way I am running pfsense 2.0.2 i386 and desktop clients with Win7 Pro 32bit, Firefox 18.0.1

    I don't wanna do client configurations to avoid misconfigurations during formatting and upgrades.

  7. hehehe tagal ko nagbackread sa huli payable pala ang solutiom.
    nice nice nice

  8. any update???

  9. update lang para sa mga gusto ng good solution po!
    good cash is enuf. then ask master joedanger.:cool:
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  10. awts... cash T_T
  11. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member

    pag binigay ko ng FREE i-market ng iba :p

    pag binayaran mo ang FIX ko imposibleng i-share mo in public?
  12. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member

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  13. Pwedeng smartvideo muna gamitin sa mga browser bilang temporary fix. Ganun din naman epekto sa client side. O kaya gamit tayo ng ibang libreng solution para ma-cache youtube. Eto yung ilan na makikita sa internet.

    Youtube caching with Squid + Nginx


    Caching Dynamic Content by Eliezer

    Sa mga mahilig mag trial and error diyan, magbalitaan na lang tayo. ^_^

  14. ano sa tinging nyo sir, mas stable pa rin po ba ang 1.2.3 compare sa 2.0.2?
  15. d'joedanger

    d'joedanger Member

    wrong post ka yata?

    walang issue ang versions ng pfsense sa "youtube error".

    as long as running ang lusca mo walang kinalaman ang versions ng pfsense
    "youtube error" nasa squid storeurl ang problem at hindi sa firewall versions.
  16. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member


    di kayo makatulog sa 50sec buff its not a big issue it is normal kahit naka 20mb fiber optic connection kapa without caching

  17. i agree sa master ko si sir athenaxds.. hindi mag matter ung 51 sec cache basta importante hindi na gumagamit ng net sa pag load ng video.. me paraan naman para mag buff fully.. hehehe thanks sir athenaxds ur da best! malapit na ang router ko wohow excited na ako mag setup ng WISP.. mga master pa help sainyo ha if ano magandang setup sa WISp.. heheh thanks!

  18. yes its not a big issue, lalo na kung naka fiber or 5Mbps speed or better, pero siguro yung mga nagko-complain ay yung may mababang net speed or connection
  19. Janbjorn

    Janbjorn Member

    hehehe 6 months na ako Wireless Provider sir,...baka makatulong ako, sa kaunting paraan,
  20. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    may ginawa rin ako lately para sa isang wireless provider sa leyte
    globe 6mb x2
    globe 3mb x1
    full load balancing under lusca
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