Lusca-Cache Youtube Error

Discussion in 'PFsense M0n0wall IPcop & others PC based routers' started by Deeza, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    An error occured, Please try again later

    add the following directives in squid.conf .
    now, clear cache directory
    next, restart the squid/reboot your system

    tested on old version, and found out that 80~90% "An error occured" was solved.
    If you encounter error in some clips, hitting F5 or refresh will play the clip from the cache, before this it didn’t worked and it stop on error occurred.

    just like what i did on my ubuntu
    more info:

    hope it helps :)

  2. angkornymo

    angkornymo Member

    sir sa command ba ilalagay to? negative_ttl 0 seconds
  3. incubus14

    incubus14 Member

    proxy server -- general tab--custom options.. then save.

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  4. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    nangyayari sakin minsan to ang iniisip ko baka kasi vmware lang ang gamit ko..kaya nag eerror ang youtube...

    and san ba ilalagay to? sa system file ba or pwede na rin sa sinabi ni sir incubus?

    try ko nga ito..thanks brod,master,chief,tol Deeza :)
  5. ibien

    ibien Member

    sir , try ko ito pero ayaw.
    nag install lang ulit ako ng bagong hdd, ok naman wala problem.
    pero sa youtube, lagi nag error, please try again.
  6. ibien

    ibien Member

    kailangan po ba yan may squid?
  7. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    yes, you can put it there Custom Options. note (separated by semi-colons;)
    squid.conf din lang iyan.
  8. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    paki try po yung sinabi ko sir :)
  9. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    san ilalagay yung semi colon? sa dulo or sa unahan?

    ;negative_ttl 0 seconds


    negative_ttl 0 seconds;
  10. angkornymo

    angkornymo Member

    para sakin ganun pa din walang nagbago
  11. primus

    primus Member

    ang purpose lang naman ng negative_ttl ay para i-retain ang mga error ng webpages due to bad coding and corrupted sites and how long the error must be retained, youtube error is more of dynamic URI link, and negative_ttl do not actually solves the problem. I think the script needs to be modified to detect or to better parse the URI link.
  12. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    sir primus may way po ba para maiwasan ang error sa youtube?
    share nyo naman sir ang solution para dito..
  13. ibien

    ibien Member

    sir deeza ayaw pa din. :( badtrip lagi error si youtube.
    sana mag karon na ng solution. parang hindi na tloy nakakatlong si box ko :(
  14. angkornymo

    angkornymo Member

    isa pang nakakainis madalas tumatalon nagkakalokohan tuloy dito sa shop sira yung cd na nabili.
  15. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    ganyan din minsan ang akin lalo na yung mga vevo video
  16. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    may konti pa sakin vevo malapit lapit na maayos ^^,
  17. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    share nyo naman kung anong settings ang ginawa nyo para mawala ang error ng youtube..;)
  18. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    sdolved na dito. wala ng error!

    may kulang pala sa post ko
    thanks for the help sir sa-joedy

    obserbahan ko muna bago ko sabihin.. ;)
  19. dhapelo_32

    dhapelo_32 Member

    sige sir pm mo sakin..hehehe

    speaking of sir sa-joedy asan na ba sya sir?
  20. ibien

    ibien Member

    sana maayos na mga bro!
    share niyo po ha!
    nahihiya ako sa mga customer eh.
    bakit kasi youtube pa nasira eh :)

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