Limiting Traffic - Without affecting lusca part 2

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  1. may proxy detector na, at nde na cya port 80 pag nakita nyang under proxy ka, so meaning lulusot ang limit mo pag browsing ports lang ang naka limit sayo ^_^

  2. tingin ko nde tlga gagana yan dahil may aliases try mo tanggalin ang alias gagana yan nde na ako gumamit nyan eh

  3. SIR is lan user ip or lan side interface ip ??

  4. I made only wan rules as you made and leave Lan as default but download speed is not limiting by limiter why ?? i m using pfsense 2.1.3...

  5. yan ang problema ng transparent

  6. please use speak in english .. I cant understand what are u saying ??

  7. Why we should do this in squid custom option ??? what will it do in squid ??

  8. Djoedanger Sir please help me in configuring my pfsense box . I m running 2.1.3 pfsense and squid 2.7 stable with tranparent proxy enabled .I want to limit download and upload speed per ip and also for group of ip (alias) . IF i make rules on LAN interface it also limit squid cache that i dont want.I want squid cache at full lan speed.I also tried to make rules on wan but there limit didn't affect any thing not for wan traffic (real internet) nor squid cache traffic.I set my proxy server bind to LAN only... PLease help me ... :-(

  9. mga master kakatapos ko lang po magbasa at magpuyat, napagana ko in single, kaso po nka multi wan ako, d po ma-limit ang isang isp?..pano po ba ma limit yung dalawang isp?
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    Balita dito? buhay pa ba mga Master?

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