Limiting Traffic - Without affecting lusca part 2

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  1. Would like to know if we can do that too. But personally I think it's not doable with pfsense+lusca setup. I can only see prioritizing with queues.

    I kind of agree with this. Why fool ourselves with a zero latency? But if that's a real latency figure then that is really awesome!
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  2. sa-joedy

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    fooling? walang fooling dito sir :)
    napanood mo naman siguro ang ibidensya at walang hokus-pokus na nangyari hehe.

    ^^ outside your network none. syempre hawak ni modem ang latency mo.

    but inside yes theirs an effect your local lan.

    -proving that your squid is tuned-up properly the pages on browsers will load very fast like 1~2 sec dahil nasa cache disk na ito very smooth ang pag bato nya sa pc-client. and if your squid is not properly configured the cpu usage of you pfbox will reach the max percentage 100% when dowloading. try it.. and you will see na tama ako, makikita mo iyan sa system info ng pfsense mo "dash board".. meaning nahihirapan ito sa pag bato sa client. yon ang isang effect nya sa lan.

    -now lets go to online games.. "zero latency" if you have this?, meaning your local lan is "clean" walang matinding traffic dahil walang sagabal sa pag takbo ng online games mo "if" your squid configured just like mine?. :) ikaw ba naman ang tubig na dadaloy sa maruming pipe syempre mabagal ang daloy ng tubig.

    napaka simple naman ang testing nyan eh
    monitor mo ang cpu usage ni pfsense while doing speedtest pag inabot ang 100% masasabi ko na hindi maganda ang settings mo sa squid. ;) yan ang "zero latency"
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  3. sa-joedy

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    pag nagawa mo ang "zero latency" bilib ako sa kakayahan mo. dare...
    o kaya mag search ka sa internet ng tutorials kong meron????

    I will quit on this forum pag napakitaan mo ako ng ibedensya. video ha.

    bigyan kita ng 24hours para gawin yan ngayon hinahamon ka ng "taga bundok". Go go... also, you can call all your masters :)
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  4. sa-joedy

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    mag like lang kayo asahan nyo ang tutorials ko. "limiting ip on your lan without affecting lusca"
    i will not broke my promise 100 likes yan ang kondisyones hehehe

    ***wala sanang kondisyon iyan ang dami kasi magagaling dito na kontra eh. hindi naman kayang gawin, kong magawa nila ipakita nila wag puro screenshots... video na lang hahahaha
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  5. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    and pag nagawa ni wiggits ang zero latency? i will quit in this forum.
  6. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    why quiting? ituro mo muna ang "zero latency" bago ka mag quit. :)
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  7. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    kaya ako nag like sa video mo dahil napaniwala ako na zero latency :)
    at mag like ako para may tuts na heheeeeee.
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    calling 98 more mag TUTs na si sir joedy :D

  9. :confused:
    Geesh..I don't know what to say..I'm humbly asking to read someone's post before replying. I can't do zero latency, I don't know how to do that. And I'm not saying I can do that, never did. But I'm sure your zero latency is not the real latency when you play online games.. thus you are kind of fooling yourself. But IF IT IS, then kudos to you, and that is awesome. Stop being a jerk.
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  10. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    There is no such thing as zero latency.
    Even RAM has latency, HDD access times=latency, data traveling through the OSI model, ect... will create latency.
    You can see the latency on Median Service Times.

    Observe carefully the youtube vide0 in his demonstration @ 1:05 - 1:18 , it takes 13 seconds to load! lols

    Zero latency my ass.:eek:
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  11. Mga Sir, i hav read this bka meron kau idea for latency tuning...

    # For lower latency you can decrease schedulers maximum time slice
    # default: stathz/10 (~ 13)
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  12. Yes sir, thanks to you for asking this, I asked him and luckily without additional charge(he's very kind) he tweaked my pf again. I'll post pictures later as it is already late right now.

    He put a limit on my selected clients, a cap of 3mb. If all of them will use and max out the 3mb allocation, each is limited to 512kb. But if there's only 1 client using, it can use the full 3mb.

    You guys should check him out. As a token of my gratitude to him, I'll post his ADs.

    Pictures later...maybe even a video. ;)
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  13. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    oh nasan na?
    wala ka rin naman palang binat-bat eh.. hanggang salita ka lang
    tsk! mag aral ka muna ng squid, para maging utak pusit ka rin tulad ko :)

    eto almusal mo :p


    partidahan kita.. bigyan ulit kita ng another 24hours para gawin yan. hukayin mo ang internet para malaman mo kong sino ang source ng zero latency baka makahingi ka ng tuts hehehe..

    my bad! nasa bundok lang pala yan wala sa internet :D
  14. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    wala ka talagang alam.. tsk.. 13 seconds? hindi mo ba alam na kinokontact nya ang server sa speedtest.
    at pag na kontact na nito mag "zero latency" na sya.

    pol-pol din pala ang utak mo eh, akala ko ba si primus lang? nyahahahaha
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  15. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    hahaha... sige likes pa..
  16. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    Wow that's cool! So the Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation is now ready?
    I will ask also for an update. Thanks for the info.:)
  17. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Nice... And that is only for connections going thru the WAN (i.e. uncached), right?

    What is the threshold on the number of users, then in your case? Kasi, if 512Kb is the floor limit per user, and then if you have a 3Mbit connection, you can only have a max of 6 concurrent users?
  18. sa-joedy

    sa-joedy Member

    it's a Dedicated Bandwidth and not a Dynamic Bandwidth. ;)
    ^^pag somobra sa 6 client ano mangyayari?
  19. x64scorpion

    x64scorpion Member

    he put a limit on your selected client? it means that your selected client is not caching :)
    pa briliant-briliant pa kayo. ;)
  20. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    It looks like the bandwidth will be divided among active users on a given time.I'm still testing this new configuration. interesting.

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