Let's consolidate the speedtest reports...(mozcom only)

Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by jerwin, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. jerwin

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    Let's use this thread so everyone who wants to apply for Mozcom DSL will have an idea about the speed that they could possibly get from their current service area. Please include the ff:

    1.) result of the speedtest from speedtest.net (copy and post the link)
    2.) Current Plan
    3.) Location (please include the name of brgy, City and Province)
    4.) If possible also include a screen shot ng modem/router utility's homepage or just mention the speed TX/RX
    5.) Modem/Router model provided by the ISP.

    wala lang...naisip ko lang na maganda makita sa isang thread yung puro speedtest lang with the location so we could make comparisons as well...hehehehe!!! Thanks for your help guys.
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    Walang nag reply.. ahihihi

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