Let's consolidate the speedtest reports...(DIGITELONE ONLY)

Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by jerwin, Dec 14, 2007.

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  2. @ sir jerwin sir ask ko lang po sa 999 ba bukod pa bayad sa landline voice?

  3. after one month

    nagsubscribe me sa digitel ng plan 999 with 512 kbps nung december at okay ang speed - 490 plus ang naaabot but after 1 month heto na, i think binawasan nila and i keep on complaning ala pa rin cla ginagawa. sabi sa csr nareport na pero bakit ala pa rin action. ang bagal

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    plan 999 = landline + 512kbps inclusive of 3 mos C5 feature (call waiting, call conference, abbreviated dialing, call forwarding, auto-callback) and 1 year FREE local NDD (digitel to digitel only)

  5. P1,200 monthly plus landline bill pa
    512/192 ang sabi pero eto ang result
    prolink hurricane 9000 modem
    malolos city location

    di ba ang 1200 monthly dapat 1MBPS na?
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    may daya po, using their own dslspeedtest website and/or speedtest.net (or pati sa ibang speedtest website) when you try using your own system board utility or other(s) like netstat, di mo makukuha ang speed na binabayaran natin...

    1st install fone with dsl tingin ko wala problem.
    Sa mga katulad ko UPGRADE...WORST problems...

    at this time,
    using msi-speeder & netstat around 600-700kbps speed ko as against the isp's deceptive speedtest 790,821,830,807kbps lapses...
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    The true speed test is downloading a file , using your download softwares , ex. flash get or using torrents. But in torrent you cannot maximize your speed coz DIGITEL throttles speed. WALANG KWENTA
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    tama ka dyan,
    speedtest website ng digitel minsan perfect yung 4 lapses pag download ka na grabe talaga sa 1-2-3 "10.5kB/s using uT" kahit pa forwarded port...high seeds & peers no hope na talaga...
    2 months na nga ako di pay bills sa galit ko...
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    hindi lang utorrent pati RAPID and MEGA the famost download sites.. Based on my graph nakikita mo yung pattern kung paano nila I throttle > kala nila siguro BOBO lahat ng mga subscribers
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    Tue, 22 Jan 2008 14:27:44 UTC
    1st lapse took 1375 ms = 95325 Bytes/sec = approx 793 kbits/sec
    2nd lapse took 1406 ms = 93223 Bytes/sec = approx 776 kbits/sec
    3rd lapse took 1391 ms = 94229 Bytes/sec = approx 784 kbits/sec
    4th lapse took 1375 ms = 95325 Bytes/sec = approx 793 kbits/sec

    Cainta Rizal
    Plan Navigator 832kbps
    Prolink H9200A
    Web GUI 831/255

    (it appears that speedtest.net and dslspeedtest by digitelone are not conclusive.)
    IN FACT, i'm only receiving speed of a dial-up, i can't even view streaming videos or listen to on-line music,
    unless i download it which take long period of time... S*CKS DIGITEL!
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    grabe......kapag peak hour as in ang bagal ang speed. lag yung youtube, tapos download rate parang dial-up lang...check this out guys...

    from http://dslspeedtest.digitelone.com
    Wed, 23 Jan 2008 08:54:52 GMT
    1st lapse took 2453 ms = 53433 Bytes/sec = approx 445 kbits/sec
    2nd lapse took 2422 ms = 54117 Bytes/sec = approx 450 kbits/sec
    3rd lapse took 2453 ms = 53433 Bytes/sec = approx 445 kbits/sec
    4th lapse took 2438 ms = 53762 Bytes/sec = approx 447 kbits/sec



    IT APPEARS THAT THE SPEED THEY GUARANTEE IS ONLY GOOD FOR LOCAL SITES ONLY BUT FOR INTERNATIONAL SITES....WALA NA!! Kulang na bandwidth. We understand that DSL is a shared network BUT in event like this na kailangan na mag-increase ng bandwidth dahil marami na consumers, dapat they should take consideration naman. Feeling ko tuloy baka 1MBPS lang ang pipeline ng Internet nila for the entire Digitelone network at baka sa Bayantel pa sila naka-hook kasi speedtest.net report ko parating mataas pag ang server is Bayantel. Unlike PLDT, PLDT operates the largest Internet backbone in the Philippines and 2000Mbps (2 Gbps) of international connectivity. No wonder hindi sila ganun KAKURIPOT SA BANDWIDTH!!!

    Plan = 999
    Speed = 512kbps
    Location = San Juan, Taytay, Rizal
    Modem = H9200A
  12. knightblokz

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    oo nga lokohan nga to...


    Bandwidth Test Results : 214.00 kbps
    Your IP Address Is : . You may download upto 26.75 Kilobytes per Second from PLDT Play.


    Your download speed is: 618.16 kbps


    Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:24:26 UTC
    1st lapse took 1515 ms = 86516 Bytes/sec = approx 720 kbits/sec
    2nd lapse took 1641 ms = 79873 Bytes/sec = approx 665 kbits/sec
    3rd lapse took 1656 ms = 79150 Bytes/sec = approx 659 kbits/sec
    4th lapse took 1797 ms = 72939 Bytes/sec = approx 607 kbits/sec



    D'SH*TEL talaga...

  13. kakainstall lang ngayon
    angono rizal
    plan 999 (512)
    sana ganito nalang

  14. knightblokz

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    wish mo lang...
  15. neverwinter

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    Paombong Bulacan
    d ko alam kung anu pinakabit sakin ng nanay ko
    pag umaga at gabi mabilis pero pag tanghali nag ddl ako halos 20kb lang bakit ganun

  16. this is my result

    Navigator 832kbps
    Cainta, Rizal
    Prolink H9200

  17. Navigator Plan Php1,232.00 = 832kbps

    Cainta, Rizal

    Prolink H9200
  18. knightblokz

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    pikulet may contact ka ba sa loob? ako upto this date di pa din resolved dsl problem ko... same plan with you but only receiving 100+kbps...
    post mo nga prolink webgui mo...
  19. neverwinter

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    prolink 9200


    pag nag ddl ako ng mga songs 30kbps lang or 20kbps pero pag test ko yan lumalabas anu kaya sira

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