Legal Advice regarding Promo item still not Received

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  1. I do not know what's happening to there sales team sabi po nila sa akin on the first monthly bill ma receive ko na yung 3 in 1 printer nila.and problem po na receive ko na yung first monthly bill ko nung September 21, 2012 but until now wala pa ko na receive coming from them.i called up customer care but they don't seem to help at all and then i went to their office in cubao puro relay at pangako lang ang kanilang binibigay.then lastly i researched and got the number of there district sales manager sabi nya matanggap daw namin before December 31, 2012.then i called up there office first week of january of 2013 hindi na mahagilap yung district manager nila sa sales then pinasa na naman ako sa ibang tao ang sabi pa may naka receive na daw! sabi ko kung na receive ko yan what's the point on calling you guys? sabi ko pa nga po kindly double check it with your courier kung ako ang naka pirma dun sa receiving slip.then the guy Patrick told me that they will investigate the matter kung hindi ko daw talaga natanggap eh papadala daw sila ulet.naka subscribe po ako sa 5mbps nila commercial po ang line and according to our contract na naka counter sign pa po ng sales rep nila na clear sa contract na 5mbps+Phone+3in1 printer at yung leaflet ng promo.i have been promised by them many times and feeling ko niloko nila ako ginawa ko naman lahat pra coordinate sa kanila now pati cell number ng sales rep nila prang tinapon na ata ang sim card.Guys bka may maitulong kayo kung pano Ntc ba ang reklamo or sa Dti kasi pati internet connection nila inconsistent static ip ako and using high end router tapos yung ping sa games ang taas.Pano po kaya ito? :(
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    magkano po ang iyong monthly bill?
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    the leaflet serves as your application and not a confirmation that you have receive the printer linawin mo sa kanila yan

  4. P5,500 po

  5. Hindi lang po leaflet ang hawak ko sir yung mismong application form na customers's copy na nakalagay and terms and condition.kung sa proof lang po nasakin na lahat,nilinaw ko na sa kanila sir pro yang sales rep na Michael Vega at yung District sales manager eh puro pangako at kasinungalingan at pan loloko sa sir linawin ko lang din po hindi ko pa po na receive yung promised item nila na 3 in 1 printer.:(

  6. Please somebody out there that can help.Thank you
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    Your first mistake was to even consider Bayantel. Then you seem to believe what they say - another mistake. The biggest mistake is to expect them to actually deliver the product they are contracted for. Their standard practice is to set you up with a "test circuit". It works so well you sign up for it. But within 4 weeks, they slowly downgrade your circuit to a crippled overloaded wreck that is a shadow of what its supposed to be. This deceitful practice of product substitution, has been the normal 'bait and switch' technique in Bayantel for years.

    You can contact support and the customer rep all you want, but it wont get you the product and service level you actually ordered and paid for. Remember that Bayantel is under court supervised rehabilitation (bankruptcy protection), and they just don't have the funds to compete and do it properly.

  8. Thank you for the advice we are now under going and preparing to terminate the subscription and going back to our former provider.Thank you to all of your advices!!!

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