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  1. If you want to avail of our service I can initially quote you a 4 MBPS, we can also serve higher internet bandwidths depending on your needs.

    Your bandwidth requirement for a leased line with internet will be forecasted and addressed systematically with consideration to your envisioned application systems.
    • Secure, dedicated, high-throughput connectivity
    • Reliable solution whether receiving or sending email, web surfing or accessing web sites for business and research
    • Web presence for the promotion of your company’s products and services thru your web site
    • Full complement of value-added service options over a common network infrastructure

    Type of Service Service Speed Monthly Recurring Rate ex-VAT

    Leased Line with Internet 1 MBPS Php 15,000
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    leased line is only 15K for 1Mbps? (i assumed DL and UL?) ex-VAT? so mga more than 15K etich

    magkano mga 2Mbps?

    anung access tail nito? SHDSL 2wire? or E1 NTU? or ADSL?

    via Eastern Telecom backbone kayo?

  3. It's exclusive VAT....please contact us at 815-9961. Thanks

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