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    Available Brands:


    15V- 4A
    19V -1.58A
    19V -2.1A
    19V- 3.42A
    19V -4.74A

    DELL :

    19V- 1.58A
    19V- 2.1A
    19.5V- 3.34A
    19.5V- 4.62A
    19.5V -3.34A (Octagon)

    SONY :

    19V- 4.7A
    16V- 4A


    18.5V-3.5A (Yellow Tip)
    18.5V-3.5A (Circle with Pin)
    19V- 4.74A (Bullet Tip)
    19V- 4.74A (Circle With Pin)
    19V -1.58A

    ACER Emachine Gateway :

    19V -1.58A
    19V- 2.1A
    19V -3.42A
    19V- 4.74A

    ASUS :

    9.5V -2.315A
    12V- 3A
    19V- 2.1A
    19V -3.42A
    19V- 4.74A

    IBM Lenovo :

    16V- 4A
    20V -2A
    20V -3.25A
    20V -4.5A


    19V- 2.1A
    19V -3.16
    19V -4.74A

    APPLE :

    16.5V- 3.65A (65W)
    18.5V -4.6A (80W)

    Brand New
    3 Months Warranty
    We Accept Orders Nationwide!

    NOTE: Please check parts availability before coming to our office.

    Ebase Philippines
    569-7570/ 0922-2418788

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