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Discussion in 'NOW cable' started by marche, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. I am a previous subs of NOW Cable, I'm just going to share my experience, to those who would be so careless to pass by this forum.. hehe


    Update: I called up NOW Cable on Mar 21, 2005 and they told me that they no longer accept new applications. I'm not sure if this has changed now, but it may be because the upper people (from ePLDT) pulled the plug on letting NOW cable grow, as they want to concentrate on myDSL.



    128/33 - P990 Monthly
    256/33 - P2200 Monthly
    384/33 - P2805 Monthly
    * Vat included
    * Service subscribed to: 384/33
    * Subscribed on Nov 2001, Disconnected: December 2004

    Area: Greenhills, San Juan
    Experience: Relatively small downtime (compared to my Belltel iCable now)
    Support Staff: Not very technical, sometimes makes fake excuses as to the problem of the connection. Some even tried to fool me by flooding me with technical jargon which he expected me not to understand so i would stop bugging him. But i understood him and even asked the inconsistencies. haha share lang, funny experience un eh.

    - Speed as advertised (throughout the day)
    - Good ping times
    - One of the cheapest broadband packages in MMLA (990/Month)

    - Not price competitive in the higher access speeds
    - SUPER SLOW upload speed. <-- SEcondary reason why I switched ISP, as I need Voip, and the max 4Kbyte upload cap is really really bad

    Other Information
    - Infocom Powered
    - NO IDEA on the condition and ping times on Level-UP (Ragnarok), or any other MMORPG, as I dont play them
    - Rides on the infrastructure of HOME Cable.

    My first broadband experience was from NOW Cable, I paid 1995 a month for 128/33 (Kbit/sec) during 2001, and that time, I was "WOW" imagine downloading songs from Napster (buhay pa nun) in real time! After a while, they increased price to P2350 then to P2805 still at 128/33. Just last 2003, they upgraded to 256/33 then to 386/33 for P2805.

    There was an instance when I lost my signal for almost 10 days. I kept on calling them and each day they would tell me a different reason, and I noticed they seem to be just saying that to me to get me off thier backs. But I never experienced high ping times, nor slowdowns for most of my service relationship with NOW Cable.

    Bottom Line:
    - Not recommended (256 & 384), might as well get from PLDT (better price:speed ratio), as Infocom is from PLDT as well
    - The service is underdeveloped, as ePLDT (parent company of Infocom) does not allow NOW cable to go against the marketing of PLDT DSL. Hence, the prices arent price competitive.
    - The 990 Package seems to be a good bargain, but I have yet to know anyone who subscribed to it.[hr][hr][hr][hr]
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    question lang,

    what is the average speed ng cable mo?
    what is the average download speed?

  3. Like I said, during most of the day, I got the speed that comes with my packcage (384kbps) So around 46/45kByte/sec (using IE or anyother thing)
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    Marche, i too had now cable since it came up (started wid napster din hehe). I wanted to switch isp's for a long time now but i am having hesitations kasi mom ko binili nya yung cable modem ng home for 10-13k!!! Bwisit na bwisit nga ako yung nalaman ko yun.

    Apparently, someone from home cable advised her to buy it to save rental fees (meron ata before dba?). Nanghihinayan ngayon ako lumipat kasi wala akong pagagamitan ng modem na nabili na if magDsl ako. Keep in mind, this happened at the early years of now cable and kakastart or wala pa atang mydsl.

    i think i should switch isp's na since sabi mo malapit na mawala tong now. Called them about the modem na last year and they wont take it back or acknowledge the actions of one of their employees( yung nagbenta).

    What do you think?

  5. If you have the Motorola Cybersurfr, doesn't ZPDee use the same cable modem? You can try selling your modem at half price to anyone planning to subscribe to Destiny, ZPDee or iCable.

    Regarding NOW, their subscribers are being transfered to ZPDee, I think. This is because Home is already merged with Sky (new name is Beyond).

  6. Beyond Cable (owned somewhat by PLDT) only consists of the Sky Cable TV (CATV only) and Home Cable Holdings (both CATV and CABLE), but the ZPDEE is still owned by Benpress Holdings (Lopez group)

  7. pag ba nagpakabit ka ng ZPDEE makukuha mo rin ba yun skycable CATV? :?:

  8. you will, but you have to pay extra for that

  9. is this still true? it seems zpdee is on PLDT's network
  10. steadyeddie

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    Can someone verify that last post? i.e. tracerts?? :D
  11. Guest

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    you're right, zpdee uses the pldt network
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    So kung wala nang Now Cable,lets remove this thread and topic already,sayang space.....kung wala na ha....
  13. duhwho

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    NOW Cable and Zpdee are now ONE hehehehehe

    wag naman alisin this is a legacy na hehehehe.... eh kaw nga daming OT Thread hehehehehe

  14. Symantec

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    Hoi,Legacy din yung OT ko ha.....at remember nag umpisa ng OT si Genexide ! hehehehe.......joke...

  15. I also think so.

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